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Last night in the Limousin, on track for the UK tomorrow

Last night we stayed at Domaine de Vareilles in France's Limousin region. The charming hotel and restaurant offers very good dog walking and excellent wine and food, without being too expensive. We're now at Calais ready for our crossing to the UK. Scooby in the morning sunshine… …and demanding a tummy rub! Toby on the move — hence the slightly blurry shot Hester and Dillon deciding which way to go Is someone over there having biscuits? wonder Nelson and Hardy Is Benny sizing up courier M's leg for a wee?! [...]

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Dilly, Benedict and Florentine join our trip as we head north

Animalcouriers collected lovely cat Dilly from Covihla in Portugal. As we drove through the old town the roads became steeper and narrower until we had to send out for help. Luckily Ines could pop Dilly into her travel box and bring her to us! Dilly is on her way to Scotland. We suspect she's used to chilly winters, however, given the snow depth marking posts we encountered along the way. We stayed last night at Mont de Marsan in France's Aquitaine region and today were pleased to call on our favourite vet, Dr Diana James, who gave some of our doggy [...]

Dylan, Hester and Scooby are now on board

Dylan and Hester, a cheeky pair of Cairn terriers, joined our trip in a sleepy Portuguese village. They're off to live in the UK. Another recent joiner from Portugal is Scooby, collected from Figueira da Foz. He's off to join his family who are moving to Devon. More of the family's pets will follow on a later trip. Dylan and Hester are great mates Scooby is a big, bouncy fellow who thinks courier M is just the best, and shows it with lots of licks and cuddles.

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Angus is on board and Fanny is reunited with her cats, as we head north

Animalcouriers collected Angus in Portugal's Algarve last night. He's travelling with us to Lytham St Anne's in England. We also dropped cats Grisette and Nimette off with Fanny near Lisbon. This was the last leg of their journey all the way from Canada. We'll be seeing Fanny again next month with three more of her long-haul felines. Collecting Angus in the dark Angus spent some time sniffing around the van, and was particularly chatty with Oscar Wide-eyed at being reunited with Fanny Fanny and her cats have a lovely home on a hill, [...]

Meetings and reunions as we travel down through Spain to Gibraltar

We were pleased to meet up with Joan, an old friend of Animalcouriers, at Almeria where we collected Benny. Joan found this little dog on the street, almost on his last legs, and has carefully nursed him back to health. Now he's on his way to live with Perry, who has adopted him. Joan was sad to part with Benny, but knows he's off to a special place to live. Joan gives Benny a big hug goodbye Julia, her son Gabriel and their dog Toby have been living in an Andalucian village, where Julia has been working [...]

Cats and dogs get on board for Spanish and Portuguese destinations

Animalcouriers left the UK yesterday and reached Lyon where we met up with Fanny and her cats Grisette and Nimette. Having flown in from Canada they are making the rest of the journey by road to their new home in Portugal. The cats were originally due to spend a couple of nights in a cattery but the timing was so perfect we could collect them as they arrived. The cattery owner got a box of choccy biscuits for his trouble! We expect to see him again next month when three more cats of Fanny's cats fly over from Canada. [...]

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Ten Greek cats via Paris; and an excited family await Iam’s arrival

As we headed north with our passengers from Spain and France, Animalcouriers made for Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris. We were there to collect 10 rescue cats who'd flown in from Greece with two members of the Greek Cat Welfare Society, and are heading to fantastic new homes in the UK. Among the 10 Greek cats are Daniel… …Isabella and Angelina… …and Nicole Meanwhile Australian Shepherd pup Iam arrived at courier J's home where he ate a huge supper… …then settled down for a nap. Pretty soon he was back [...]

Luna has a lie-in, and Iam is now on board

Animalcouriers spent last night in Bergerac. Courier S and cats Lily and Indy all had breakfast, but lazy Luna was still snoring in bed! We then drove a little way north to collect Australian Shepherd pup Iam. This four-month-old cutie is on his way to his excited new family in Wales. Little Luna in a big bed A disapproving look from Indy! Parting is such sweet sorrow — a few tears were shed when Iam left to start his journey to Wales earlier today Luna enjoys a walk in Limoges (now she's awake!)… [...]

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Lily, Indy and Luna are UK bound, while Kenny heads to Spain

Cute cats Lily and Indy are on the road with Animalcouriers, travelling from Torrevieja in Spain to Suffolk. They settled in straight away, and reckoned that sharing a bed is the nicest way to travel. Also on board is Scottie dog Luna, one of our "frequent flyers" who is en route from Valencia in Spain to her London home. Christmas in London is a must in every busy Scottie's social calendar! Meanwhile Setter Kenny is continuing his journey towards his new home and new family in Spain. Snug as two bugs in a rug — Lily and Indy [...]

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Young Schnauzer Ebony is heading to Spain

Earlier this year Animalcouriers collected a handsome Giant Schnauzer puppy called Tor in Germany, and delivered him to Ferncliffe Schnauzers in the UK. Now it's the turn of young Ebony, who is related to Tor, to take to the road. Just 16 weeks old, she's travelling with us to her new home with Yvonne and Keith in the Murcia area of Spain. They run Costa Calida Golf Tours, so perhaps Ebony will be able to help in the office, or look for lost golf balls? Either way, she's a gorgeous young pup who promises to be every bit as good looking as Tor. [...]

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