5 cats and 7 dogs relocating to Scottish isles

Couriers J and M travelled from England to Scotland with 5 cats and 7 dogs relocating to Scottish isles. Helen, her son Stacey and their cats are relocating from Surrey to the splendid Isle of Bute. Lian, her husband and their dogs are moving from Kettering to the picturesque Isle of Lewis, the largest of the Outer Hebrides. Our journey took us from Surrey to Northamptonshire, then on to Largs where we delivered the cats. We then continued with the dogs via Inverness to Ross and Cromarty in the Scottish Highlands, where we caught the ferry from Ullapool to Stornoway [...]

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Meet Popcorn, Millie, Tallis, Maxwell and Monty

While couriers J and M get ready to head back to the UK from Greece, courier Richard has been on a whistle-stop tour of the UK, Switzerland and France. Popcorn We collected young Cockapoo Popcorn in Lincolnshire from his breeders, Julia and Stephen Carlton, who have an impressive pedigree of their own. They're trustees of the Dog Breeding Reform Group and members of a Parliamentary Welfare Reform Group. And Stephen clearly knows his Cockapoos — he's chair of the Cockapoo Club GB. Fellow residents say goodbye to Popcorn Stephen and Julia with Popcorn A final cuddle [...]

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Heading to Greece via France and Italy

Animalcouriers set off a few days ago on our first trip to Greece this year. We were accompanied by a delightful crew of cats and dogs with destinations in France and Italy. Greenbean Four-month-old Dalmatian Greenbean is a bundle of energy, always up for fun. Breeder Louise did a great job of getting him used to travelling, so he was very quick to settle in when we collected him in Preston a few days beforehand. He's on his way to excited new owners near Lyon in France. Goodbye cuddles for Greenbean from Louise Greenbean, soon nicknamed Beanie, [...]

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Rips travels from Norway to Scotland; and Ben is on his way to the UK

Rips, a very glamorous black-and-white puss, became a transport veteran in a single 24-hour period, travelling by car, plane, bus, van and train. Her journey started in Bergen in Norway; from there she flew to Amsterdam with her owner. Animalcouriers drove to Amsterdam to meet Rips from the plane, while her owner flew on to Aberdeen. By 9am yesterday Rips and courier S were on their way to Calais to catch the Eurotunnel but, about 25 miles from the terminal, the motorway traffic ground to a halt. Eurotunnel was closed, owing to trespassers setting fire to tyres on the track. [...]

En route for the Nordics with Pumba aboard

Animalcouriers have set off on their latest road trip, that takes them through France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and on to Sweden. On board is little Chihuahua Pumba. His owner Tina brought Pumba to us from Bristol, and he is now travelling with us to Gothenburg in Sweden, to live with Tina's sister Madalaine. On the ferry from Puttgarden in Germany to the Danish port of Rodby we watched a crew filming a chap smoking and looking at the sunset. Wonder if it's a follow-up to 'The Bridge'? We'll be crossing that one, the Øresund Bridge, from Denmark to Sweden today. [...]

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Three feline families join our trip

We collected Antonia's three cats Tiger, Gracie and Mouser in the Italian city of Naples. They're travelling with us to Bolton in England. We crossed the border from Italy to France and picked up Mrs Cogley's cats for their trip to the UK. Animalcouriers were delayed earlier in the journey, and were very glad that Mrs Cogley could leave Lizzy and Susy in the good hands of her vet's kennels and cattery. Then it was on to Le Jardin des Chats near Montpeller, where Hugo, Ruben and Red got on board. This cattery blends calming music and a gentle aroma [...]

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Cali, Scali and Miski are back home in Crete; and Matilda has joined our trip

Yesterday was Clean Monday — the first day of Lent — and a holiday in Greece. Traditionally people fly kites and eat simple food on the beach. Unfortunately, it was absolutely pouring with rain, so there wasn't much of either activity going on. Animalcouriers arrived early at the Greek port of Igoumenitsa following our crossing from Italy. We drove off towards Piraeus port, calling in at Lefkas en route to collect Jennifer's cat Matilda. Then we had an overnight crossing to Crete, where we reunited Cali, Scali and Miski with Sheila. Courier M carried Miski and Scali into the house [...]

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Scottish reunions for Poppy, Vegas, Alfie, Fat Cat and Doofus

Yesterday Animalcouriers delivered dogs Poppy and Vegas, and cats Afie and Fat Cat, to Danny and Sally in Inverness. Despite the humans being somewhat jet-lagged after the long trip from Dubai, it was a very happy reunion. And Doofus reached his new home in Clynder, which will be quite a change from his old Surrey home, as it's open countryside with plenty of opportunities for exploring and hunting. His owner Chris is very excited for him, saying, he won't know himself with all this space! Alfie with Sally — Fat Cat wasn't in the mood for a photo op [...]

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Updates on former passengers now settled in Australia and France

Bella and her feline companions Beau and Tinkerbelle flew from the UK to Australia and were reunited with Alex and Tom earlier this month. Alex tells Animalcouriers that all three pets are settling in really well to their new home. We also heard from Anne and Brian whose family of 12 Ragdoll cats travelled with Animalcouriers from the UK to Perpignan in France last year. It sounds like they haven't had a dull moment since their arrival! Belle had to have an operation on her ear and had to wear a cone of shame for two weeks. Then senior member Gus [...]

Au revoir France, as we head towards Calais and the Channel crossing

We spent last night in Chartres, with a view of its magnificent cathedral. It was a chilly, dark start to the day when we got up to walk the dogs and feed all our passengers. Pickles has been leading the cat cacophany chorus on this trip, with solos by Anastacia. They started rehearsing 'Jerusalem' as we left Alicante and by Narbonne it was sounding promising. We think the real performance is due to start this afternoon when we hit Calais for our crossing to the UK. 'Bossy' Boots loves a walk — just the thought of one has him [...]

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