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Last night’s crossing, and arrival in Mersin this morning

We waved goodbye to Nathan as he drove off in his grandmother Janet's car and boarded the ferry. Various members of the crew came to see us and there were several discussions about the dogs. We wanted the dogs to stay in the van, but were told we had to take them up onto the deck with us. "Upstairs OK," they said. So we started the process of decamping onto the back open deck — dog beds and blankets, food and water bowls, and all our own stuff. It took several trips, then we settled down and courier M opened a [...]

On the road to Famagusta to catch the ferry to Turkey

Animalcouriers met up with the owners of Reo, Jasper, Tink and Roxy at the KAR office earlier this afternoon and we were soon on our way towards the port of Famagusta. There was quite an air of excitement about the whole thing! Stocking up at the supermarket on water and snacks for tonight's ferry crossing, we bumped into Chris and Tina, the owners of Black Lab Winston who we brought to North Cyprus almost a fortnight ago! "Are you still here?" they asked. "Oh yes," we said, "But hopefully not for too much longer." The 'Cyprus Today' [...]

Four more dogs, another cat and a love bird have joined our trip from southern Europe

Animalcouriers' trip north through Spain and towards the UK is fast filling up. Today courier I collected Perry the love bird in Fuengirola. Perry has been staying with courier A whose kids have really adored having her in the house. From there it was a short drive east along the coast road to Sotogrande (where the Ryder Cup is held, as all you golf fans will know). Here, courier I collected little Havanese dogs Jasper and Charlie and their 'surrogate mum' Muppet, a miniature Border Collie. His next stop was Calahonda for Marg the cat, who's still keeping her head down [...]

Next steps on our journey from North Cyprus

As you may imagine, while we've been holed up at Tasucu port, we've been looking at all sorts of options for continuing our journey with the seven dogs who've travelled with us from North Cyprus. We continue to be very well supported by the dogs' owners, KAR, and Petical Vets in Mersin. Our current plan depends on the government vet supporting the movement of the dogs through Turkey. The first step is for couriers J and M to return to North Cyprus with the dogs on the ferry tonight, and then set out again for Tasucu in the next couple of [...]

State of play at Tasucu

We were not in the slightest bit surprised that the boat promised by the port director for 9.00am yesterday to return us to North Cyprus didn't materialise! Courier J spent part of the day in the port building next to the van recharging all our electronic gadgets, watching a DVD to pass the time. Courier M sat with the dogs and read. The rest of our time was spent walking and feeding the dogs and keeping the van spick and span — it's a full-time home to all nine of us at the moment! Brandy watching a Lebanon-bound boat [...]

The midday ferry eventually left at 16.15

As we drew away from the port en route for Tasucu in Turkey, we settled down in the van and opened all the doors. Both we and our passengers are enjoying a light refereshing breeze, that will help couriers J and M concentrate on completing the Turkish Annexe 2 certificates. We're due to meet an English-speaking friend of the Turkish vet when we land, who'll see us through the port procedures. Cookie is a fine example of a black Cyprodoodle Purdey is determined not to get caught napping! Tink gave a great yawn as she [...]

Just getting on the ferry to Turkey, after a bit of a wait

We arrived bright and brisk at the port this morning but also full of trepidation, as we'd received a phone call from the Greek Ministry of Agriculture during breakfast. They explained that because Greece doesn't recognise the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus as a country, we can't export pets from there. Hmmm, we thought we'd got past this hurdle last year! This trip, instead of dashing through mainland Greece and straight on to Italy, we need to do a bit of Greek island-hopping. Having sent all our paperwork off for checking, we'd heard nothing. But at the last minute we've [...]

Introducing our passengers from North Cyprus

We have four families of dogs travelling with us from North Cyprus. We met up with everyone this morning at the port, and all of us waited patiently in the gorgeous sunshine while the last bits of admin and paperwork got sorted out. Roxy, with Jasper resting his chin on Roxy's back Roxy at the back, with Jasper and Tink Tink is our smallest passenger Such a cutie! Diane with Roxy and Jasper Brandy with Janet's grandson Gavin Gavin and his twin Nathan enjoy a cuppa with [...]

Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR) has new offices; and Santa Paws sent $1,800

The last time we visited North Cyprus KAR was just moving into new premises housing their office, an additional shop and a new veterinary clinic. Remodelling was underway and they were still surrounded by unpacked boxes (think anyone who's ever moved house knows that feeling!). Now, the transformation is complete. They have also developed a pet travel service, that draws on the knowledge and experience they've gained from providing advice on an ad-hoc basis over the years. Now, they offer a comprehensive service that also helps to fund their work with abandoned and street animals. They can help owners arrange air freight [...]

Cleaning out the van, ready for our UK-bound passengers

Courier J flew into North Cyprus to meet up with couriers M and J2 on their arrival. While they took a well earned break, watching the waves and dipping their toes in the sea, courier J drove all over town looking for a car wash that would clean out the Animalcouriers van. She eventually found the lovely Sam, who was very happy to help. A couple of beers were needed to get through the task! Sam's car wash Sam was a bit bemused. "You bring dogs here? From where?" he asked, as courier J explained why there [...]

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