Collecting our passengers in Greece, and crossing to Italy

Animalcouriers collected nine dogs and four cats in Athens earlier today for their journey to the UK. As usual we received a warm welcome from our friends at the very wonderful Filozoikos Shelter and Nine Lives Greece. It's always somewhat humbling to see how much effort goes into caring for all these animals who've had such tough times — and into finding them new homes where they can enjoy the rest of their lives. Note the stylish collars all the Filozoikos dogs are sporting! Everyone settled in quickly to the journey and we headed off towards the coast to catch [...]

Rounding up our canine passengers at the Filozoikos Shelter

It was the usual whirlwind of tears and hugs as the lovely folk at the Filozoikos Shelter in Athens said goodbye over and over again to every dog. All the dogs had been bathed and brushed as though they were off to Sunday church! Gifts of biscuits, honey, tahini and olive oil were pressed upon us. Once again, it was lovely to be with so many wonderful people, both at Filozoikos and Nine Lives Greece, who care so much about these dogs and cats. The lovely patient Homer Irma, a beautiful German Shepherd who's on her way to [...]

Collecting Lyssa and Bonjuk

We were very pleased to catch up with Cordelia from Nine Lives Greece as we collected cats Lyssa and Bonjuk who are heading to lovely new homes in the UK. Both of these cats have been through a lot, and it's wonderful that they're now on their way. Cordelia gave them plenty of reassuring cuddles as we settled them into the van. Lyssa gets comfy for the journey Cordelia saying a final goodbye to Bonjuk Thank you, Cordelia, for our wonderful box of baclava for the journey — honey, pastry and nuts, yummy!   [...]

Rocco has been winning hearts

One-year-old Golden Retriever Rocco said a final, fond farewell to kennel owner Jorge yesterday when Animalcouriers arrived to collect him. During the month that Rocco has been staying at the Hotel Canino in Malveira, he and Jorge have formed quite a bond, as Jorge chatted away in French — the language Rocco is used to hearing at home with his owners. The whole family, including Rocco of course, are now relocating to London. Adieu Rocco, says Jorge Hotel Canino is set high in the hills above Lisbon, where there are lots of these traditional windmills scattered around. It [...]

The Ark, Corfu’s very own animal rescue team

The purpose of our trip to Corfu was to collect three dogs and two young cats from The Ark a charitable organisation staffed by volunteers that looks after Corfu's stray and abandoned animals. Corfu is where Gerald Durrell lived from an early age and where he developed his interest in and love of flora and fauna. It's also where he wrote 'My Family and Other Animals'. These five animals have all been adopted by people in the UK who came across them while on holiday in Corfu. Louisa and Spiridoula from The Ark have been taking wonderful care of them until [...]

Cocker Spaniel Lucy is moving to Sheffield

Maria has been looking after pretty Cocker Lucy who belongs to her friend Deppy. Deppy has moved to Sheffield with her fiancé, where she is studying for a master's in crime scene investigation. Now we know why she's so organised! Maria joined courier J for breakfast and said she would like to go to London to study. She also said she would miss Lucy very much, but that she's going to Sheffield at Christmas and will see her again then. We warned her to take some warm clothes with her! Maria saying a fond goodbye to Lucy [...]

Batman and Robin

This dynamic duo are travelling with Animalcouriers from Greece to live in Scotland with Fred and Sandra who have adopted them. Both had a pretty difficult start in life as abandoned kittens, and both are now tripods following life-saving surgery to amputate a front leg. Fortunately, despite living on the streets, they came into the care of Nine Lives Greece thanks to alert members of the public. Nine Lives Greece organised and raised funding for their operations, found them a wonderful convalescent foster home with Sydney and her cat Chief, and ultimately a 'forever home' with Fred and Sandra. You can read [...]

Zeus, Chloe and Phaidra — and Caesar who still needs a new home

Zeus is a fine-looking chap who's on his way with Animalcouriers from the Filozoikos Shelter in Athens to his new home in the UK. Also on board are sisters Chloe and Phaidra. Along with their brother Caesar, they've been at the shelter for more than two years, and everyone is so pleased they have found a new home for the rest of their lives. Their brother Caesar hasn't been so lucky yet, but he's good-looking and patient and we hope he'll find his own new home very soon. Zeus Chloe Reading microchips Glad to say they [...]

A tranquil departure from North Cyprus

Leaving the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus was a quiet and gentle business this time. Everyone arrived on time, and there was plenty of friendly chat despite the slight nerves some owners must feel as they see off their dogs and cats. There was a pleasant mix of familiar and new faces around. Everyone had their allotted tasks. Margaret, Kim and Bob checked the animals' microchips and matched pets to paperwork. Owners made up their pets' beds, then courier M settled the dogs and cats into their travel compartments. Courier J went round with fresh water. We were a bit [...]