Meet pets travelling to and from France, Spain and Portugal

On our most recent trip taking in France, Spain and Portugal, we met pets of all sizes — from a diminutive rabbit to a Mastiff weighing 60 kilos! Lucia Gorgeous Italian Spinone pup Lucia travelled with us from her breeder, Mary, in Fareham to Wendy in the south of France. Mary says goodbye to Lucia Lucia is a gorgeous gentle young girl Pixie Rescue cat Pixie travelled with us to her new owners in Spain. We met them in France, near the pretty town of Ceret, which is very close to the Spanish border. A [...]

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UK-bound pets from Portugal, Spain and France

Having delivered all of our outbound passengers from the UK, Animalcouriers set off to collect pets heading to the UK. Xavi and Pedro These two gorgeous Portuguese Water Dog puppies belong to Gerard, who's relocating to Surrey. Costa with Xavi (L) and Rodrigo holding Pedro (R) Tucha Sweet Yorkipoo Tucha is travelling with us from Grandola to rejoin Luciana in Glasgow. Luciana is well settled in and is very much looking forward to having Tucha with her again. Tucha is a lively little character Scott and Duke Labrador Scott and Rhodesian Ridgeback Duke are travelling from [...]

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Sailor, Flupp, Consuela, Sylvie, Alain, Pete, Kaluha and Feta board the bus in Greece

Little girl cats Sailor and Flupp are travelling with Animalcouriers from Greece to the UK, where their new home awaits. They're going to live with Maddie and her lovely Greek rescue dog Zeus, a gentle giant who has proved himself to be good with cats. Tabby-and-white Sailor is missing a leg — probably since birth — but it doesn't stop her getting up to all sorts of tricks, both with and without Flupp. It was a pleasure to see Emilia and Kiki again and catch up with all the news from the Filozoikos Shelter in Athens. Renovations are in hand [...]

Dilly, Benedict and Florentine join our trip as we head north

Animalcouriers collected lovely cat Dilly from Covihla in Portugal. As we drove through the old town the roads became steeper and narrower until we had to send out for help. Luckily Ines could pop Dilly into her travel box and bring her to us! Dilly is on her way to Scotland. We suspect she's used to chilly winters, however, given the snow depth marking posts we encountered along the way. We stayed last night at Mont de Marsan in France's Aquitaine region and today were pleased to call on our favourite vet, Dr Diana James, who gave some of our doggy [...]

Collecting Kenny, Flossie, Minnie, Lucien, number 5, no-name kitty, Willow, Jack and Tiger

At Patras Port, Animalcouriers' list of passengers from Greece was swelled with the arrival of two dogs, Kenny and Flossie, and seven cats, Minnie, Lucien, number 5, no-name kitty, and Willow with her kittens Jack and Tiger. Kenny the English Setter was clever enough to find Martin and Tracey. It was love at first sight, and he's now on his way to rejoin them in the UK. Anastasia and Christos, shown here with Kenny, have been taking wonderful care of him while his travel from Greece was organised. In fact, such a strong bond was formed that Martin and [...]

Bubble, Agapi, Eleni, Bolo and Sienna from Filozoikos join our UK-bound trip

We were pleased to visit our good friends at the Filozoikos shelter in Athens, where we collected four dogs and a cat who are off to start new lives in the UK. Bubble gets a fond farewell from Tina. Bubble, who will be renamed Dorothea, was brought in as a beautiful puppy. Just a few days later she was lucky enough to be spotted on the Filozoikos Facebook page by a family in Scotland. They had just lost their dog, who looked a lot like her. One of the shelter volunteers, Poppy, offered to foster Bubble to get her [...]

Introducing the Greek dogs who are travelling with us to the UK

We have a great collection of dogs on board this trip, some rescues going to new homes, and some family dogs rejoining their owners in the UK. Marina delivered her French Bulldog Bella to us, who is anxiously awaited by Konstantidos in London. Try as we might we couldn't get a photo of Marina and Bella facing the same way, but a piece of dry toast got Bella's attention for long enough to get this close-up of her. Marina with Bella, who wonders if there might be more toast in this crate This is Foxy, [...]

Reunions for Mandy, Robbie and Aqapi; and our UK-bound Greek passengers are now on board

We reunited Mandy with her dogs Robbie and Aqapi at the Greek port of Piraeus. Everyone was very excited to be back together again. We'll miss them, though — they've become part of the Animalcouriers family! Then it was time to meet all the dogs and cats who're swapping Greece for the UK. Mandy, Robbie and Aqapi are glad to be back together First up, three little English Bull Terrier pups. This gorgeous trio are keeping us amused with their antics, that started with walking through their water bowl, then trying to chew it up, and finally [...]

Leaving Athens this morning with cats and dogs on board

In Athens we met up with our doggie passengers Maggie, Archie and Pepito. Unfortunately, Cordelia from Nine Lives Greece was able to bring only two of the three cats we were expecting, Blackie and Bugsy. That's because Margarita escaped from her foster home last night. Cordelia reckons she simply knew something was up, as so many cats do. We waited for about 90 minutes while Cordelia went to look again for Margarita, but there was no sign of her. We'll be back in a month for our next trip to the UK, and have offered her a space then in the [...]

A warm welcome awaits Elpida; but parting is such sweet sorrow

Heather has adopted Elpida, one of the dogs from the Filozoikos Shelter who's on our trip from Greece. Conrad from the UK organisation that supports the shelter and rehomes the rescued dogs, shared with us an email he received from Heather: "I have just shed a few tears looking at the wonderful picture of Elpida leaving her beloved carers. I understand how they must feel parting from these dear dogs but I can only assure them that there is heaps and heaps of love awaiting Elpida here in my home. My heart goes out to all the people who have [...]

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