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Four more dogs, another cat and a love bird have joined our trip from southern Europe

Animalcouriers' trip north through Spain and towards the UK is fast filling up. Today courier I collected Perry the love bird in Fuengirola. Perry has been staying with courier A whose kids have really adored having her in the house. From there it was a short drive east along the coast road to Sotogrande (where the Ryder Cup is held, as all you golf fans will know). Here, courier I collected little Havanese dogs Jasper and Charlie and their 'surrogate mum' Muppet, a miniature Border Collie. His next stop was Calahonda for Marg the cat, who's still keeping her head down [...]

Gina and Milo finally make it to London from South Africa

Anneline is delighted to have been reunited with her African Grey parrots Gina and Milo at last, who travelled from Johannesburg to London last month. It is quite a paperwork marathon to get everything sorted out for birds travelling to the UK from outside the EU — particularly if, like African Greys, they are one of the species on the CITES list. There was a false start back in September when some of the paperwork didn’t arrive in time for Anneline to accompany the birds on their flight. One of the strict import requirements is that the owner or their representative [...]

Special arrangements for Klaus

Klaus the tortoise will be travelling with Animalcouriers from London to Bern later this month. We'll be making special arrangements for Klaus to avoid disrupting his normal routine while he travels. He'll have a special travel vivarium which, at this time of year, won't need much heating. However, we'll have to make sure he doesn't get colder at night, so will be taking him into our hotel with us when we stop. That may sound like a lot of bother for a tortoise, however well loved — but Klaus isn't just your common-or-garden tortoise, He's from a breed called Testudo [...]

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