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Jack from Liberia; and a round-up of recent short trips

Animalcouriers recently helped Ben manage the final stage of bringing his adopted dog Jack from Liberia to the UK. We thought too it was good moment to catch you up on a few short trips our couriers have recently undertaken. We also have news of a couple of past passengers to share. Jack from Liberia When evolutionary biologist Ben (@Ben_garrod) was filming for the BBC in Liberia, he fell in love with a gorgeous little stray dog called Jack, and decided to adopt him and bring him to the UK. Not the easiest undertaking, but fortunately Ben is friends with [...]

Transporting a cast of falcons to Wales

At the height of the summer, Animalcouriers and our partner GoFetch stepped in at short notice to transport a cast of falcons to Wales from London's Heathrow airport. It was a very hot day when we received a call from the Animal Reception Centre (ARC) at the airport. Almost 40 falcons had arrived by air earlier in the day, and were due to travel on to the Brecon Beacons. Given the high temperatures that day, the ARC rejected the pre-booked transport in favour of a vehicle with air conditioning and electric ventilation. Courier Matthew from GoFetch was about to head [...]

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A chipmunk returns to Italy

Gorgeous Siberian chipmunk Piccola is a returning Animalcouriers passenger. This much-loved pet travelled with us three years ago from Italy to Cambridge in the UK. Now owners Pamela and Dario are heading back to their Italian roots, and Piccola is making the return trip with us. Piccola has striking markings and a wonderful fluffy tail. She loves snacking on fresh fruit and nuts.   Such a cheeky, intelligent face Piccola has plenty to entertain her in her spacious cage for the trip Piccola safely home and settled in With Piccola safely delivered [...]

Travelling to France, Spain and Portugal with cats, dogs and a parrot on board

Animalcouriers have two trips on the go at the moment: while couriers S and G leave the UK and head south through France and on to Spain and Portugal, couriers M and J are on their way to Sweden via Switzerland, Italy and northern France. Meet the pets travelling south with couriers S and G. Leaving Le Havre yesterday morning Spirit and Flight We collected Colleen's two stunning cats from Cambridgeshire earlier this week, and they've been homeboarding with us until it was time to head to France. Spirit is a seal-point Siamese and flight is a chocolate [...]

Babi, Jon Jon, Allen, Floyd and Rubia get on board in Portugal and Spain; and Mia is reunited

Animalcouriers stayed the night in Alcacer do Sal in Portugal, where we were lucky enough to get a bargain rate at the local pousada. Portuguese pousadas are similar to Spain's paradors and, like the paradors, many are ancient buildings which have been sympathetically restored. Our accommodation in Alcacer do Sal — a 15th century former monastery Two characters wondering if there was room in our van! A very seasonal image on the side of the chapel Santa on his rounds We collected lovely black cat Babi from Ana's mum, who's been looking [...]

Safe arrival in Malta for Russian Blue Ophelia and Gerry’s reptile family

After a blustery night on Sicily the weather cleared yesterday morning and we got the news that the ferry was on its way. We crossed to Malta late last night and all our passengers arrived in fine fettle. We delivered Ophelia to Alice in Marsakala, a pretty port to the south of Malta. Courier M says he'll miss this beautiful and calm cat, who was completely unfazed by her reptilian companions. A rainbow heralds the start of the better weather The sun came out so we gave the turtles the chance to catch some rays and stretch [...]

Getting to know our passengers as we wait for our ferry in Sicily

Animalcouriers' route from the UK to Malta has taken us through France and into Italy. Aiming to keep the journey time as short as possible, we took the overnight ferry from Naples to Catania on the north-east coast of Sicily. The next step is to catch a ferry to Malta from Pozzallo in the south of Sicily, but the huge weather system that's crossed much of Europe meant that the ferry we were booked on was cancelled. The weather conditions are now improving but all the ferries to Malta are fully booked until Sunday. So we have a day to [...]

Relocating reptiles and a Russian Blue to Malta

Gerry is moving house from south-east London to Malta, to be near her parents, and Animalcouriers is transporting her entire family of reptiles, amphibians, fish and invertebrates for her. The journey from the UK will take around four days and will include two ferry journeys. To keep these fascinating creatures warm, irrigated and ventilated throughout, we had the electrics in our newest van upgraded. Gerry will give her pets all the attention they need during the journey, with courier M on hand to help whenever needed. Also travelling with us to Malta is gorgeous Russian Blue cat Ophelia from Bristol, [...]

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Scams avoided: Pug and Pomeranian puppies, and blue and yellow macaws

Animalcouriers has recently heard from a number of people reporting pet-related scams. For potential victims in the UK, the scammer often claims to be based in Scotland — making it seem more likely that someone might accept a pet delivered, unseen, by courier. Erica wrote to tell us she'd see a scam on Facebook relating to Pug puppies in Kirkwall. And Mrs Boyd wrote to let us know she recently managed to avoid a scam involving a Pomeranian puppy, thanks in part to the Animalcouriers webpage about scams. The seller claimed to be living in Scotland and, owing to work commitments, couldn't [...]

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Peter the tortoise speeds his way to the Lone Star state

Peter the Hermann's Tortoise (Testudo hermanii) has escaped the English autumn to join his owners in Texas. No-one knows how old Peter is, but he's been with the same family for over 50 years! There was a bit of a rush on to organise Peter's flight as he had to travel before he started getting ready to hibernate for the winter. However, Hermann's tortoises are an endangered species protected by CITES, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species. So he couldn't travel until his CITES export certificate was issued. Peter stayed with family friends in the UK while the export paperwork was [...]

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