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Updates on some of our recent passengers; and more puppy scams avoided

We've received some more super photos of Milly and Sofie, two dogs who travelled with us on different trips from Greece, both of whom are well and truly settled into their new homes in England. Lisa also wrote to tell us that her two cats, Lookielikey and Cornflake, who travelled with us from the UK to Portugal. They enjoyed a short stay at the Animal Inn in Guia in the Algarve with Diana and Bungie, before rejoining Lisa in Lagos. Among our other feline passengers were Freddie, Théo, Sophie and Mathilde, who travelled with us from the south of France, [...]

Scams avoided: Pug and Pomeranian puppies, and blue and yellow macaws

Animalcouriers has recently heard from a number of people reporting pet-related scams. For potential victims in the UK, the scammer often claims to be based in Scotland — making it seem more likely that someone might accept a pet delivered, unseen, by courier. Erica wrote to tell us she'd see a scam on Facebook relating to Pug puppies in Kirkwall. And Mrs Boyd wrote to let us know she recently managed to avoid a scam involving a Pomeranian puppy, thanks in part to the Animalcouriers webpage about scams. The seller claimed to be living in Scotland and, owing to work commitments, couldn't [...]

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Look out for animal scams via Facebook

We received an email from Louise who unfortunately fell victim to a puppy scam via Facebook. Once she found our 'beware of scams' page on the Animalcouriers website, she realised her experience bore all the hallmarks people need to look out for in many types of scam: A sob story A free puppy, with just the transport costs to pay Being rushed into a decision with lots of hassling phone calls and emails Payment required via MoneyGram, with a payee address in Cameroon A phone number to call that looks like a UK mobile number (starts 07, in this case [...]

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Deluded dog deceived by promise of digital vole detector

To celebrate our 1,500th post, we bring you the latest guest blog from the wonderful Jane Biddiss: The latest shocking story has emerged from Biddissville. Reverend and Mrs Biddiss are publishing this as a warning to all doggy parents of the consequences of letting dogs surf unsupervised on the internet. After emailing his godmother, courier J, Sneaky Neaky the Madeirian Mongrel started surfing his favourite vole-related websites when he came across this advert below. The title alone would have warned off most brainy Border Collies but, alas, not the hapless hunting hound. Digitally Enhanced Canine Electronic Intracranial Vole Echo Detector [...]

Sunny avoids a parrot scam with help from Animalcouriers

Sunny wrote to tell us that she recently avoided being scammed. She was in the market for a parrot and stumbled on a post offering a pair of blue and gold macaw parrots. Suspecting it was a scam, Sunny read through the posting very carefully. Because it made reference to Animalcouriers, she checked our website and found our page of tips to help avoid scams. She wrote to say: "I can't thank you enough for listing all the possible clues to completely verify this too-good-to-be-true offer. Here are the clues that applied to this person: I was offered the animal for [...]

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Dean avoids a scam with help from Animalcouriers

When Dean contacted us for a transport quote to Gloucester for two puppies he'd been offered from Kirkwall in the Orkney Islands, we warned him it might be a scam. Why did we think that? Because Kirkwall is given as the location in a lot of puppy scams we hear about. Having taken what we had to say on board, Dean got back in touch to say: "Thank you for your responses, they helped greatly as did reading your scam warning page. After which it felt like it was a scam. So we decided to carry on looking for a puppy elsewhere [...]

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Animalcouriers website helps Jason avoid being scammed

We recently heard from Jason who responded to an advertiser on the Friday-Ad website who was offering a puppy. Because the puppy was supposedly coming from "the other end of the country", Jason was told it would be delivered by a "UK Animals Delivery Service" courier. Very wisely, Jason looked that delivery company up on the web, and found it didn't exist. He did, however, find the Animalcouriers website, and read our page that's designed to help people avoid being scammed. Jason told us: "I wanted to thank you for the information on scammers on your site, as it was [...]

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Animalcouriers website helps Sian avoid a scam

We recently heard from Sian, who used the information on the Animalcouriers website to avoid a puppy scam that would have lost her £175. She told us: "I thought I'd email and thank you for the info on puppy scammers that you have on your site. It just saved me from being scammed out of £175. I suspected that the offer of a puppy so cheap was too good to be true and after a little digging I found out it was, thanks to your site. I've reported the would-be scammer to Action Fraud. Thanks again!"

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The rate of scams is hotting up

Scammers operate in many fields, and the field of animals is no exception. When we realised that our company name was being used by scammers to add legitimacy to their operations, we quickly published a web page of hints and tips aimed at helping people avoid getting scammed. A typical animal-related scam revolves around offering an animal for free — such as a puppy, a parrot or a monkey — via email or the internet, with only the cost of the transport to be paid. The scammer says they will arrange the animal's transport on behalf of the client. The [...]

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Helping prevent scams around the world

Animalcouriers hears from people in many different countries who are at risk of being scammed by someone offering them an animal that doesn't exist. When scammers use our name fraudulently to lend credibility to their offer — usually by naming us as the animal's shipper — they tend to include a link to our home page. Clicking on the 'Be Scam Aware' button on our home page lets people get some guidance on how to avoid being scammed. The most recent email we had from a potential scam victim came from Poland. Luckily, the lady in question read our guidance [...]

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