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Maggie and Becky have become the best of friends

By |2016-10-17T10:52:52+01:00Saturday, August 3, 2013|animal rescue, animal shelter, animal transportation, updates from previous passengers|

Animalcouriers transported Maggie from Greece to the UK in May this year. Abandoned and poorly, Maggie was lucky enough to be rescued by Eleni and nursed back to health, then adopted by Sara in the UK. Maggie and Sara's Poodle Becky immediately hit it off when they met, and their bond has gone from strength to strength, as Sara tells us: "Maggie has now been with us for two months, and I can report that Becky and Maggie are best friends. Also, Maggie loves to go in the park without the leash and she is becoming a very obedient dog. Great [...]

News on Maggie, who’s settling in wonderfully well

By |2016-10-17T10:53:43+01:00Wednesday, May 15, 2013|animal rescue, pet travel by road, updates from previous passengers|

Maggie has only been with her new owner Sara and Poodle Becky since yesterday morning, and already we've had an email to let us know how well she's getting on. Sara tells us: "Maggie has settled here very well, she is still wary but overall I cannot complain. Becky seems to have taken an instant liking to Maggie and vice versa. She is sleeping right now, after a walk and a nose around the garden. All good! Thank you for your wonderful service, your customer service is second to none." Maggie and Becky snoozing in comfy matching beds [...]

Archie, Pepito, Alex and Maggie

By |2016-10-17T10:53:44+01:00Tuesday, May 14, 2013|animal rescue, animal transportation, latest news, on the road, pet travel by road, reunited|

Here's a little update on these four passengers from Greece and Italy. Courier M couldn't resist a final photo of Archie, showing us where he thinks he should have been sitting for the whole journey! A very special fellow. Pepito is homeboarding with courier J — making himself very much at home! Maggie met Sara, who's adopted her, and Sara's Poodle Becky for the first time this morning. It was a great moment for everyone with lots of happiness all round. Pin-up Alex was reunited with her owner Sarah today following a six-month [...]

Maggie has a new home with Sara in the UK

By |2016-10-17T10:53:57+01:00Wednesday, May 1, 2013|animal rescue, animal shelter, indroducing|

Greek dog Maggie is waiting in Athens, in the care of Eleni, to join the next Animalcouriers trip to the UK. This lucky dog has been adopted by Sara, who tells Maggie's story below. "Maggie was found a couple of years ago. Her owner had died, and his animals were left unattended in the backyard of his house with almost nothing to eat and filthy drinking water. One day Eleni got a call to say that one of the dogs was looking sick. She went to take a look and could see that all the animal were in bad shape, [...]

A quick round trip to the Republic of Ireland

By |2017-04-28T17:28:02+01:00Friday, April 28, 2017|pet transport, pet travel by road|

Animalcouriers is finding that many pets are moving between England and the Republic of Ireland, so we've set up a regular route. Courier Richard made the most recent trip, taking a cat on the way out, and coming back with a dog. We also received news of Maggie, a rescue dog who travelled with us from Greece four years ago. Herman We collected friendly tabby cat Herman in Leeds from Weronika. With a busy job as a radiographer, Weronika felt that Herman wasn't getting the attention he deserved. So Herman is off to live with Andrzej, Weronika's former housemate who's [...]

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