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News on two of our Greek passengers, Zeus and Erasmia

By |2017-01-25T17:47:18+00:00Monday, May 26, 2014|animal rescue, animal shelter, animal transportation, updates from previous passengers|

We recently heard great news about two of our past passengers from Greece. Both were rescue dogs, cared for at the Filozoikos Shelter in Athens, and rehomed in the UK through their support group, Friends of Animals — Nea Filadelfia group. Gentle giant Zeus travelled with us in late 2012 and was adopted by Madelaine in Lincolnshire. He settled in brilliantly and charmed all her friends and family, too. Zeus has shown himself to be very good with cats, prompting Madelaine to consider adopting a kitten. If Zeus is half as good with cats as Erasmia is, it could all work out wonderfully well. This lovely [...]

Sailor, Flupp, Consuela, Sylvie, Alain, Pete, Kaluha and Feta board the bus in Greece

By |2016-10-17T10:51:12+01:00Tuesday, June 24, 2014|animal rescue, animal shelter, animal transportation, goodbyes, pet travel by road, pet travel by sea|

Little girl cats Sailor and Flupp are travelling with Animalcouriers from Greece to the UK, where their new home awaits. They're going to live with Maddie and her lovely Greek rescue dog Zeus, a gentle giant who has proved himself to be good with cats. Tabby-and-white Sailor is missing a leg — probably since birth — but it doesn't stop her getting up to all sorts of tricks, both with and without Flupp. It was a pleasure to see Emilia and Kiki again and catch up with all the news from the Filozoikos Shelter in Athens. Renovations are in hand [...]

Knowing me, knowing you

By |2016-10-17T11:02:27+01:00Tuesday, December 20, 2011|animal transportation, latest news, on the road, pet travel by road|

We have been talking about the eight dogs and getting to know their little foibles and ways. Courier M says: "Jenny seemed to think the snow was quite fun, running her nose through it and throwing it up in the air. And Phaidon was full of spirit, such an eager beaver." It would be great to see these two off the lead and really enjoying the opportunity to run; but right now we're focused on keeping them secure and delivering them safely to the UK. Zoe is like a little Greek Mama, destined to look after others. She wags her [...]

A veterinary rendez-vous in Lyon

By |2016-10-17T11:02:27+01:00Tuesday, December 20, 2011|animal transportation, latest news, on the road, pet travel by road|

Our friendly vet, Dr Diana James, came to meet us in Lyon with her son Harry, so that Diana could give the dogs and cats a check and do the parasite treatments for all those who'll be entering the UK on this run. (Laranjinha the cat, along with Pavlina and Ares, are staying in Calais until we collect them very early in January.) It was a great excuse for a Christmas meal together. And you can imagine our delight when we pulled back the curtains this morning and could see there was snow! Harry was very keen for the snow to [...]