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Travelling from Sweden with a Persian and a Husky cross

By |2018-04-04T10:37:48+01:00Wednesday, April 4, 2018|frequent travellers, pet transport, pet travel by road, pet travel by sea|

Animalcouriers travelled from Sweden with a Persian and a Husky cross. Persian cat Thaiss swapped Luleå for London, while Husky/Malamute cross Oskar moved from Malmö to Cork in Ireland. The overnight ferry to Malmö passes under the 16km-long Oresund Bridge, which links Denmark and Sweden Thaiss At Arlanda, Stockholm's airport, we caught up with Elin and her friend who'd travelled south from Luleå with handsome Persian puss, Thaiss, who belongs to Talal and Mirian. Thaiss is a veteran traveller: he travels on a Spanish passport and has spent many holidays in the US. No wonder he travels as [...]

Travels round northern Europe with dogs, cats, rabbits and lovebirds

By |2017-11-21T18:42:52+00:00Tuesday, November 21, 2017|pet travel by road|

Courier Richard set out from the UK with dogs and rabbits on board, heading for various destinations in Germany and Sweden. On the way back, he travelled with dogs and cats relocating to the UK, and lovebirds moving to Belgium. Momo Handsome Momo travelled with us from Warwickshire to rejoin owner Maria in Solvesborg, Sweden. At the age of 14, he's a senior fellow, but still has a spring in his step. A delayed Channel crossing meant that the dogs got an extra walk at Dover — here's Momo enjoying himself Peeka and Chansey Lionhead rabbit Peeka is [...]

Meet Gia and Olli, Lucy and Katia, Poe and Obi — and a rabbit called Stitch

By |2016-10-17T10:49:12+01:00Friday, July 8, 2016|animal transportation, bespoke trips, channel hopping, pet transport, pet travel by road|

Animalcouriers recently drove a pair of Rhodesian Ridgebacks from Sweden to France; a pair of cats from Germany to the UK, and collected a rabbit at Schiphol airport who'd flown in from Dubai. Guanajuato (Gia) and Olwyna (Olli) Mother and daughter Rhodesian Ridgebacks Gia and Olli travelled with us from their winter home near Stockholm in Sweden, to their summer residence near Nice in the south of France. It's a longish drive, but mum Gia is a little too anxious to fly, so a comfortable road trip at a pace the dogs can both enjoy is much more relaxing all [...]

Pets from Scandinavia: Muffy, Bjorn, Minx, Poa, Avi and Omega

By |2016-10-17T10:50:40+01:00Sunday, November 2, 2014|animal transportation, pet travel by road|

Animalcouriers is heading back from Scandinavia with pets on board who are bound for the UK. Our first stop was to collect very dear Muffy, a very cuddly, placid and laid-back cat. He's leaving his country home near Norrkoping in Sweden and heading to Essex, to rejoin his owner Winifred who's returning to her childhood home. Then we headed to Skvode to collect elegant long-haired cats Bjorn and MInx. These two are travelling with us to join their owner in East Sussex, who went on ahead to make sure everything was ready for their arrival. They've been beautifully looked after [...]

It’s goodbye Sox — hello Sophie, Donna, Tissou and Petit Choux

By |2016-10-17T10:50:54+01:00Thursday, August 14, 2014|animal transportation, pet travel by road|

Animalcouriers crossed 'that' bridge from Denmark to Sweden to deliver Staffie Sox. His owner Ubbi couldn't be there to meet him, so a friend of his came to collect Sox.As we said goodbye to Sox, Sophie arrived to join the trip. This gentle Black Lab is travelling from Stockholm to England. Her grandfather came from the UK so she's effectively going back to her roots! Her family have already moved to their new home in west London, but flew back to Sweden to make sure Sophie was all settled in for the start of her journey.In addition to Sophie, we [...]

Frank and Tumble join our trip from Scandinavia

By |2016-10-17T10:50:58+01:00Monday, July 28, 2014|animal transportation, indroducing, pet travel by road|

Four-year-old Jack Russell Terrier Frank may be a small dog but he has a huge personality. He joined the Animalcouriers trip in Gothenburg in Sweden, as he is moving to Surrey with his owner Annica and her English boyfriend Daniel. Frank is used to sleeping in bed with his mum, so courier S promised he'll be allowed to share with her on the journey. We then crossed from Sweden to Denmark to collect Tumble. Originally a rescue cat from Scotland, Tumble was adopted by Steven, then moved with him and his young family to Denmark. Now they're returning to Scotland [...]

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