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Ecstatic welcomes for Sky, Molly and Luna

By |2016-10-17T10:51:24+01:00Friday, May 9, 2014|animal transportation, pet travel by road, reunited|

Yesterday Animalcouriers travelled to Northumberland to reunite Sky with Abbi, and on to Glasgow where Molly met Kayleigh and her dad for the first time. Meanwhile, Rafaella collected Luna from our Surrey base. Sky was delirious with excitement at being back with Abbi. They have moved to a beautiful part of Northumberland. Molly is greeted by Kayleigh and her long-suffering dad Chris. They already have two other Eurasiers so Molly will be in good company. Kayleigh and Chris enjoy showing their dogs and we're sure that confident Molly will soon be wowing the judges. Look out for [...]

Meet Molly, Lili, Jacinta and Kirin

By |2016-10-17T10:51:24+01:00Wednesday, May 7, 2014|animal transportation, pet travel by road|

Molly is a Eurasier puppy, bred by Antonio in Madrid. Eurasiers are a Spitz-type breed of dog that originated in Germany and are considered wonderful companions. Animalcouriers will be delivering Molly to her new owner Kayleigh in Glasgow, Scotland, who will take her the rest of the way to John O'Groats. Lili is moving from Barcelona in Spain to Brighton in England to rejoin her owner Jimena. Lili is quite shy — Jimena explained that she has experienced a number of changes over the last month which have probably contributed to that. So we are taking it calm and easy [...]

client testimonials

By |2021-02-19T10:43:43+00:00Tuesday, November 3, 2015|

All photographs on this site are of our animal clients. All countries mentioned are destinations to which we have delivered animals. All species mentioned, we have handled. A massive thank you to Animalcouriers for the safe delivery of our beautiful puppy Lupin. Despite the atrocious weather in the Norfolk area, Lupin arrived happy and rested.Teresa (Teresa's puppy Lupin travelled with Animalcouriers in the UKThank you so much for the excellent service you and the team have provided! Very happy with how you were able to accommodate us and our requests in a very short time frame, especially with all the [...]

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Reunions for Xania, Gigi, Toffee and Coby when we reach the UK

By |2016-10-17T10:49:41+01:00Tuesday, August 11, 2015|animal rescue, animal transportation, pet travel by road, reunited|

Kayleigh and her Dad called in at our Surrey base to collect Eurasier puppy Xania, having had a wonderful day at a major dog show in Bournemouth at the weekend. Xania is their 8th dog — it's very exciting for them that they're doing so well with their chosen breed. Kayleigh and her Dad collecting Xania Xania in Kayleigh's arms Xania's half-siblings Molly (an Italian champion)… …and Ozzie. Both dogs have already qualified for Crufts 2016. Will and Elli called for Gigi, a kitten Will met while out jogging in the [...]

Swarsky, Berty, Xania, Jet, Briguita, Toffee and Coby join our UK-bound trip; but we leave donkeys and dinosaurs behind

By |2016-10-17T10:49:47+01:00Thursday, August 6, 2015|animal rescue, animal transportation, pet travel by road|

As we start our journey north from Portugal, we collect more pets who are heading to the UK. Manu, a friend of Animalcouriers, drove Jack and his sister and their Husky Swarsky from Gibraltar to meet up with us in Seville. Swarsky will homeboard with Animalcouriers for a week, before travelling to Lancashire to catch up with Jack once he gets back to the UK. Next to get on board was Toffee, one of a litter of pups found in the Portuguese campo near the Spanish border. Antonio and his mum reared them, and now Toffee has been adopted by [...]

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