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Honi is so glad to be reunited with Carla and Poppy in Ecuador

By |2016-10-17T10:51:52+01:00Wednesday, February 19, 2014|pet air travel, updates from previous passengers|

Carla wrote to let us know that she and her dog Honi arrived safely after their flight from London to Ecuador, and that Honi is delighted to be back with her 'sister' Poppy. Carla tells us: "Honi and Poppy had missed each other so much, it was just the best thing to see them back together and happy again. Thanks for all your amazing help getting Honi to me. I appreciate it so much." Carla included some photos of a long walk she went on with both dogs the day they were all back together — looks like they had a [...]

Honi makes a bee-line for Ecuador

By |2016-10-17T10:51:56+01:00Friday, February 14, 2014|animal transportation, pet air travel|

Animalcouriers received a phone call from Carla in Ecuador a few days ago. She'd had to fly out of the UK without her beloved dog Honi, because of problems with Honi's travel box. Many phone calls and emails followed while Carla tried to sort out how to get Honi into Ecuador as a cargo booking. KLM offered the best route via Amsterdam, but Carla was overwhelmed by the maze of Ecuadorean bureaucracy. In the end, she realised she would have to return to the UK and accompany Honi on her flight to Ecuador. Animalcouriers supported Carla by arranging the legalisation [...]

client testimonials

By |2021-02-19T10:43:43+00:00Tuesday, November 3, 2015|

All photographs on this site are of our animal clients. All countries mentioned are destinations to which we have delivered animals. All species mentioned, we have handled. A massive thank you to Animalcouriers for the safe delivery of our beautiful puppy Lupin. Despite the atrocious weather in the Norfolk area, Lupin arrived happy and rested.Teresa (Teresa's puppy Lupin travelled with Animalcouriers in the UKThank you so much for the excellent service you and the team have provided! Very happy with how you were able to accommodate us and our requests in a very short time frame, especially with all the [...]

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Tales from the skies: pets fly to Indonesia, South Africa, Bermuda, New Zealand and Australia

By |2016-10-17T10:49:36+01:00Wednesday, October 14, 2015|pet air travel, updates from previous passengers|

While couriers J, M and others have been transporting pets around Europe over the past few months, other members of the Animalcouriers team have been busy organising air freight for pets travelling somewhat further afield. Here are just a few of their stories. Tilly, a very entertaining young King Charles Cavalier, home boarded with Animalcouriers while she waited for her Indonesian paperwork to be ready. She was a very engaging young lady and we were rather sorry to see her go! Globe-trotting Rhea lived in the Caribbean before moving to the UK for a while. Her latest trip was with [...]


By |2021-04-07T17:51:29+01:00Wednesday, August 5, 2015|

pet transport and animal shipping services throughout the UK, Europe & overseas Are you looking for a safe, reliable pet transport service because you're moving house, relocating, emigrating, or going to a new forces posting? Are you a breeder, buyer or welfare group that needs pet shipping services? Or are you simply looking for a stress-free way to transport your pets to your holiday destination? Animalcouriers can help. We transport pets by road throughout Europe in our customised, Defra-authorised vehicles; and arrange air freight throughout the world. We can advise you on pet [...]

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