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Canico gets ready for Christmas

By |2010-11-26T10:57:29+00:00Friday, November 26, 2010|latest news, quarantine services|

Canico, the lucky dog rescued by Ray and Jane, is looking forward to his first British Christmas. He recently contacted Mary and Olof, who looked after him in Spain while he waited for his pet passport, to let them know how he's getting on and just what he's been up to... Woof Woof Aunty Mary & Uncle Olof Something very exciting has just happened — the postman has just come to our house in a big van and brought a Christmas parcel for us dogs and Mum says it's from you — thanks so much. We dogs are very excited [...]

An email from Canico to Mary and Olof

By |2010-11-07T17:19:11+00:00Sunday, November 7, 2010|animal transportation, latest news, things we like|

Dear Aunty Mary and Uncle Olof It's Canico here, just to let you know how I'm doing. There is certainly a lot to learn in my new home, these collie types are so well behaved and obedient. My Mum has just chased me round the garden in hot pursuit as I pinched a toilet roll and thought this was such a good game. I was squeaking with happiness and wagging my tail like mad, but she caught me in the end — but she was laughing so much I didn't get told off!! I have, however, been told off and [...]

Another Chapter in ‘The Life of Canico’

By |2016-10-17T11:06:35+01:00Sunday, November 7, 2010|animal transportation, latest news, things we like|

On his third day home Canico had to go and see the vet. We can't express it better than in Jane's own words... "Yet another big adventure for poor old Canico. When he arrived on Tuesday, due to the fact that he wanted to kiss us all so much, we noticed that his breath smelled really foul. He had also refused to eat since he arrived — we thought he was just unsettled but decided to take him to the vet. "The vet said that she couldn't understand why he smelled so bad as his teeth were OK. Then as [...]

Canico’s home!

By |2016-10-17T11:06:35+01:00Wednesday, November 3, 2010|animal transportation, latest news, pet air travel, pet travel by road, quarantine services|

Ray and Jane collected Canico from Manchester airport yesterday afternoon. Ray tells us: "Canico met his family at the airport and slept in the footwell on Jane's feet all the way home. Good as gold. Boy is he selectively deaf!!! A fair bit of training required me thinks. "He arrived to torrential and persistent rain — welcome to England. Jane is adjusting his coat to fit for the Yorkshire weather and he likes his flat cap, should blend in nicely with the locals."

Canico’s journey has begun

By |2016-10-17T11:06:39+01:00Tuesday, November 2, 2010|animal transportation, latest news, pet air travel, quarantine services, things we like|

Animalcouriers have heard from Jane, who with Ray is eagerly awaiting Canico's arrival in Manchester today. Mary from Cartama Kennels has been in touch to let her know that Canico is on his way. Jane tells us: "We just got a phone call from Mary, they have just checked Canico in and watched him disappear up a big conveyor belt. Mary was quite upset at watching him go. She said Canico looked a little confused. I've just shed a tear and it's only 9.30 — goodness knows what I'll be like by 4pm!!" We'll keep you posted on progress.

Canico’s coming home, coming home, coming home

By |2016-10-17T11:06:39+01:00Monday, November 1, 2010|animal transportation, home boarding, latest news, on the road, pet air travel, pet travel by road, quarantine services, things we like|

After months of waiting Canico is at last getting his bags packed for his UK homecoming. There won't be a dry eye in the house as he says his goodbyes to Mary, Olof and the dogs at Cartama Kennels. Mary has made an appointment at the vet’s for Monday morning for Canico's tick and flea treatments. The vet will also look him over to check he is fit to fly, and sign and stamp his passport. Then after one more night’s sleep in Spain, it will be home to Halifax where he will grow into a proper Yorkshire [...]

Canico’s progress

By |2017-01-25T14:18:58+00:00Saturday, October 16, 2010|animal transportation, latest news, on the road, pet travel by road, quarantine services|

You may all remember handsome Canico, the dog who was rescued by Reverend Ray and his wife Jane when they were on holiday in Madeira earlier this year. Canico has been sitting out his pet passport waiting time in Spain. The six months are nearly up and his pet passport becomes 'live' on 2 November. Ray, Jane and all at Animalcouriers are getting so excited! Animalcouriers called into Cartama Kennels yesterday to collect little Molly who is heading home with us on this trip. Molly has been Canico's friend and we are sure he will miss her. While we were [...]

Canico’s godparents

By |2017-01-25T14:18:58+00:00Friday, September 3, 2010|animal transportation, latest news, pet travel by road, quarantine services, things we like|

Jane and Ray are so looking forward to welcoming Canico home, who will soon be able to enter the UK. They have asked us to deliver some dog food to Mary at Cartama Kennels so that she can start getting him used to it. "Ray has ordered the Chappie and the Wagg for Canico and it is being delivered to your house. Perhaps it has already been delivered and you are now knee deep in Chappie??" asks Jane. "Not long now before we get Canico home, we cannot wait." Animalcouriers will be in the Cartama area towards the middle of [...]

Canico’s progress

By |2016-10-17T11:07:23+01:00Tuesday, August 3, 2010|animal transportation, latest news, on the road, pet travel by road, quarantine services|

We were very pleased to get some photos of Canico from Jane, taken by Mary who's looking after Canico at Cartama Kennels. Jane says: "Here are the latest pictures of our canine cutie. He has a new friend called Ruby and a new teddy bear. Mary says his paw has healed up very nicely, but there will probably be a little scar. Canico is making just the best progress and we are all so happy to see him so settled, with canine as well as human friends." We wrote back to Jane saying, "He won’t want to come home!" Jane [...]

Update on Canico

By |2016-10-17T11:07:27+01:00Tuesday, July 27, 2010|animal transportation, latest news, pet travel by road, things we like|

Canico is doing very well indeed with Mary at Cartama Kennels in Spain. He had a temporary ‘Mum’ in a Labrador who took him under her wing to teach him a thing or two about being a dog. He did enjoy her company, as he does the company of the other dogs at the kennels, and he is very active. He cut his paw playing and Mary had to take him to the vet, who bandaged him up and gave him an Elizabeth collar to wear. Canico really didn't like the collar or the bandages, and it wasn’t long before [...]

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