Updated 27 April 2022.

For the latest UK government information about bringing Ukrainian pets into the UK, see https://www.gov.uk/guidance/bringing-your-pet-to-the-uk-from-ukraine

Animalcouriers is here to help Ukrainians who want to bring their pets to the UK understand what they need to do. For eligible pets, we’re offering free pet transport to the UK from Poland, Austria and some other countries.

What you need to do first

Before you start the process to get your pets into the UK, you need to meet one of the following criteria:

  • You’ve received your UK visa
  • You can prove you’ve applied for your UK visa
  • You have a sponsor in the UK

To start the process for your pet, contact the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA), which is part of the UK government’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).

The most efficient way to contact them is to send an email to pettravel@apha.gov.uk

APHA will send you a form (the Ukraine Licence Form) to fill in with details about you and your pet(s). If you have a UK sponsor, enter their details on the form where it asks for ‘Name of person in charge if different to owner’.

The information you provide on the form enables the UK government to issue an emergency licence allowing your pet(s) to enter the UK. This means you don’t need to organise a pet passport or similar. If, as is likely, you pet(s) will need to spend some time in quarantine, the UK government will organise this and cover the costs.

What do to with your completed form

Once you’ve completed the form, send it back to APHA at pettravel@apha.gov.uk

If you’ve asked Animalcouriers to transport your pet(s) to the UK for you, please also send the completed form to us at courier@animalcouriers.com and julia@animalcouriers.com. This will help us to facilitate travel for your pet(s) and advise you of any additional steps you may need to take to ensure your pet(s) is/are eligible to travel.

What happens next

Once you receive the emergency licence for your pet(s), we’ll be able to book it/them onto one of our trips. Your pet transport with us will be free of charge. Our vehicles are specially designed for safe, comfortable pet travel; and all our couriers are experienced drivers and animal-handlers. Our couriers will stay in touch with you throughout the journey, so you’ll always know how your pet(s) is/are doing.

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