Cats in the UK are dying from a blood condition, pancytopenia, that may be linked to widely sold dry cat food brands. Investigators suggest food fungi could be to blame.

The Royal Veterinary College (RVC) said this week it was aware of more than 500 cases over the past few months, with over 60% proving fatal. The true number of deaths could be higher as many cases aren’t reported to vets, and some vets don’t pass data to the RVC.

The cat foods concerned are:

  • Some batches of Sainsbury’s hypoallergenic cat foods
  • Applaws
  • AVA, a Pets at Home brand

The manufacturer, Fold Hill Foods, has issued a nationwide product recall, but many owners seem unaware.

Read more about this in The Guardian.

We’d like to reassure our clients that Animalcouriers doesn’t use any of these cat food brands during pet transport.