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From Greece to the UK with cats, dogs and a duck

Couriers J and Matthew are on their way from Greece to the UK with cats, dogs and a duck! All the dogs hail from Greece, along with two of the cats; two more cats joined us in Italy; while the duck hopped on board in France. The original Athens airport, just behind the hotel where our couriers stayed. It's now the Athens Aircraft Museum. Brad, Kesuk, Arthur and Theodore This family of two dogs (Brad and Kesuk) and two cats (Arthur and Theodore) are travelling with us from Athens to Northern Ireland, where Alex and family are relocating. [...]

Pets on board heading to France and Italy

Courier Matthew set off from the UK with pets on board heading to France and Italy. Once the cats and dogs are safely delivered, he'll motor to the port of Bari, where he’ll be joined by courier J. From there, they'll hop on the ferry to Greece, where they'll meet their passengers for the return journey. Tabby and Tiger Stunning feline pair Tabby and Tiger, along with owner Anna, are swapping London for the sunshine of Provence The aptly named Tabby Pale ginger Tiger Cally Cute Chihuahua Cally is en route from London to the French [...]

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Returning from Scandinavia with two dogs and four cats

Courier Richard recently made his way back from Scandinavia with two dogs and four cats on board, all heading for the UK. Julius Julius, a pedigree Abyssinian and show star was the first passenger to join our trip. We met up with him at Stockholm airport and took him to Val and Alan (Syrinx Abyssinians) in Altrincham, near Manchester. Val and Alan wrote to say: "Thank you for your professionalism and friendly phone calls in the recent transfer of Julius from Sweden to us in Altrincham. We were particularly impressed by the contact we had from you on the journey, including [...]

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Passengers from southern Europe heading to the UK

Couriers M and Paul collected passengers from southern Europe heading to the UK. But first, a few reunions along the way. We delivered ferret Taz to delighted duo Anthony and his son at Tavera. Wonder which team they support?! French Bulldog Marley was overjoyed to be back with owner Camila and her mum We dropped Staffie Maxie off for a short stay at Amber Lodge Kennels near Alicante. The area is well known for its nature park, and for its pomegranate orchards which are in full bloom just now. Palm trees are also cultivated [...]

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To Scandinavia with cats and dogs on board

While couriers M and Paul travel round southern Europe, courier Richard heads north towards Scandinavia with cats and dogs on board. Odin We collected Pointer Odin from Royvon Dog Training and Hotels in Surrey. He travelled with us to rejoin Kristine and Andreas in Vejle in Denmark. Odin is a lovely bouncy fellow. But when asked to sit, he obediently did so! Masses of roadworks in Germany meant a detour onto the scenic route to the Farge-Berne ferry. Courier Richard was very taken with this classic Morgan that was also queueing for the ferry. A happy [...]

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Flying felines: Tammy, Barney, Rosco, Domino, Sega and Coco

While our couriers have been out and about on road trips throughout the UK and Europe, courier L has been arranging flights for fabulous flying felines heading further afield. Tammy But first, here's an arrival: Tammy. This gorgeous girl flew into London Heathrow airport on Turkish Airlines from Georgia, via Istanbul. Animalcouriers arranged her clearance into the UK. Stunning calico cat Tammy Barney Barney boarded at one of our favourite catteries, Burntwood, for a few weeks while his owners got settled in Singapore. Barney is a very relaxed and friendly cat, and very fond of food! To make the [...]

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Transporting cats, dogs and a ferret to France, Spain and Portugal

Couriers M and Paul are travelling in southern Europe, transporting cats, dogs and a ferret to France, Spain and Portugal from all over the UK. Murphy There were outbound pets to collect in Scotland, so couriers M and Paul went first to Kent to pick up handsome Irish Water Dog Murphy. His new home is in the beautiful Borders area of Scotland. Meeting Murphy in Sittingbourne Murphy spent the night at courier M's home before his trip north. What a curly-haired chap he is! Orsa In Cronberry, East Ayrshire, we collected Shih Tzu Orsa, who's off [...]

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Two cats flying to Italy, nine dogs flying from Greece to the UK

Courier J accompanied two cats flying to Italy from the UK. She then boarded another flight to Athens, where she met up with courier M and nine dogs flying from Greece to the UK. Misty and Ghost A gorgeous pair of cats, Misty and Ghost homeboarded with Animalcouriers before flying to Puglia in Italy. Following a health check at the vet, they travelled to London Heathrow with courier J and flew with her as baggage. Check-in at Heathrow was at 4.30 in the morning! Here's Misty having a good look around. Wide awake also, here's Ghost [...]

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From England to Ireland to France; and a side trip from Spain to Germany

Courier Richard travelled from England to Ireland with a dog called Coco, and came back with a dog called Oscar. He met up with courier Helen, who'd scooped up several more France-bound passengers from around the UK, then headed off to France via Eurotunnel. Coco Charming Coco, a Cavalier King Charles, made the journey with us from Essex to Country Leitrim in Ireland. As well as being fun to have on board, Coco was certain that every phone call courier Richard took required his participation too! Delightful passenger Coco Coco's young welcoming committee The ideal [...]

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