Animalcouriers were recently asked to help out when Rottweiler Ziggy and his chum George arrived in the UK. They had travelled from Spain with a removal company but, on arrival at Dover, were taken out of the remover’s vehicle for two reasons:

  • The removal company wasn’t licensed to transport pets
  • Transporting pets alongside household goods contravenes welfare regulations for the transport of live animals

The removal company was devastated by the mistake they had made, and more than compensated the dogs’ owners for what had happened.

However, there was still the issue of getting Ziggy and George from Dover to the family’s home in Cornwall. Knowing that Animalcouriers is an authorised Defra type 2 animal transporter, the Animal Health team provided the dogs’ owners with our contact details. We agreed to collect the dogs and take them to Freer Farm Kennels and Cattery for the night, then continue their journey to Cornwall the next day.

By the time the dogs reached the kennels, they were feeling very unsure about everything that had happened, and were reluctant to leave our van. Courier Rickie and his wife Becca did an amazing job of comforting and reassuring them, and eventually managed to persuade them out for a walk, and then into a warm and comfy kennel for supper and bed.

The next day, courier Rickie had the pleasure of reuniting Ziggy and George with their family.

Helping Ziggy and George

George and Ziggy out walking before heading down to Cornwall