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New Zealand arrivals: Lolita, Moss and Shuie

Animalcouriers recently arranged flights and paperwork for three adorable dogs heading to New Zealand: Lolita to Auckland, Moss to Christchurch, and Shuie to Wellington. Read on for their stories… Lolita from Spain Old English Sheepdog Lolita travelled with us from Spain to the UK just before Christmas, and has now flown to join her owners in Auckland. Lolita is a fine bouncy young dog, who has cheerfully taken everything in her stride. She spent Christmas and January at Burntwood Kennels, and Alfold Vets did her blood tests and paperwork. On arrival, she had to spend 10 days in quarantine before owners Joy and Mike could introduce [...]

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Bonnie from Greece finds her forever home in the UK

Bonnie travelled with Animalcouriers on our last trip from Greece to the UK. She was rescued from the streets of Lesvos by Rebecca from Lesvos Stray Dog and Cat Adoptions. Animalcouriers sponsored Bonnie's trip to the UK, confident that this lovely girl would soon find her forever home. Well, she did — with couriers J and R! Very sadly they recently lost their 16-year-old Welsh Collie, Billywhizz — but his spirit now lives on in Bonnie. Due to spend just one night at courier J's before being fostered by Wendy, Bonnie unpacked her bags, took a look around — and decided to stay. [...]

Airborne pets to Abu Dhabi, Bermuda, Grand Cayman, UK and USA

While our vans and couriers are busy on the roads around the UK and continental Europe, courier L and colleagues organise vet visits, paperwork and flights for pets travelling further afield. Tiger French Bulldog puppy Tiger was one of our first travellers in 2016. This handsome fellow homeboarded with couriers J and R while we prepared his paperwork. He then flew to Abu Dhabi with Etihad. Tiger's owner, Ramzy, wrote to say: "Thank you so much, you have made this process as easy as it could possibly have been. I'm really grateful about the attention to detail that you and [...]

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Great places to stay in Portugal and Spain; and Mickey, Ivan, Patrick, Snowy Owl, Pepper and Frankie get on board

Portugal We got a great winter deal at the Pousada de Estremoz, where we spent a quiet and peaceful night. The pousada offers a super dog-walking environment Out on our morning walks, we were joined by a friendly local hound, who split his time between couriers J and M, keeping a sharp eye out for treats all the while. Here's Laura with our anonymous canine chum behind. We decided to walk the puppies, Baco and Shuba, separately, to help them focus on the job in hand. The idea was busted by Shuba who just wanted [...]

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Pick-ups in Portugal: Pluto, Baco, Shuba, Jecca, Sushi, Sky and Laura

After reuniting pets with their owners in Spain, we crossed the border into Portugal to collect a fine group of passengers who're travelling to the UK with us. Pluto On the Algarve we met Cocker Spaniel Pluto at Estoi. He's been through some tough times in his short life, but now he's off to live happily ever after with Joy in Surrey. Lena and her friend, who've been looking after Pluto, were in tears as they said goodbye to him. We were pleased to reassure them that Joy is very excited that he's on his way to her. Lena [...]

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Reunions in Spain for Bebe, Pepe, Seabert, Sookie, Yowie, Aggie and Ruel

We stopped for the night at Aranda de Duero, where we stayed at Hotel Tudanca, part of northern Spain's wine-producing industry. Surrounded by fields of tempranillo grapes, we were impressed by the simplicity of this small, economical hotel. The family wine-growing business was started over 100 years ago and headed up a matriarchal lady, Vicenta de Las Heras. The best Ribera grapes are hand picked and selected before the main crop is collected mechanically. At the Hotel Tudanca As well as the wine made from the hand-picked grapes, there are two others: a young one and a [...]

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Pets travel with us from the UK to Spain, and from France to Portugal

Animalcouriers set off from the UK with dogs, cats and a rabbit on board, all heading for Spain. In France we collected another canine passenger who'd travelling all the way to Portugal with us. Sookie, Aggie, Ruel and Yowie Super furry Newfoundland Sookie lives with three glamorous cats — Burmese Aggie and Ruel, and Maine Coon Yowie. All four have been staying at a local kennels and cattery near our office in West Sussex. They belong to Chris and his family, who've gone on ahead to their new home in Arboleas, Spain. We're quite sure the red carpet will be [...]

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Dedicated trips to France and Italy; Cleo comes home after Christmas; and Hooper reaches Scotland

Just before we set off for a trip to the warmer climes of Spain and Portugal, here's a round-up of what's been happening lately on the road. Bella, Arven and Rusty head back to Brittany Bella, Arven and Rusty live in Brittany with Alan. When Alan recently visited family in the Wirral, his canine trio went too. For the return trip, however, Alan decided to take it a little easier, and asked us to transport his dogs for him. We're looking forward to meeting them all again later in the year when another trip to the Wirral is on the [...]

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