We celebrated the launch of the new-look Animalcouriers website and blog with (what we hope was) a fun quiz. Thanks to everyone who took part, or who raced to be first to comment on or like the post.

Now it’s time to announce the winners. And yes, there are prizes! Animalcouriers calendars all round.

results of our quiz: Edgar our April pin up

Meet Edgar, our April pin up. Edgar was a passenger in Animalcouriers’ first operating year, travelling from London to the South of France. Here he is at 3 and he’s looking mighty fine still at 16!

First out of the starting blocks

The winners in the race to be first are:

First like — Rhonda from 50 Shades of Gray Hair

First comment — Jenna from Owned by a Husky

Thank you both for being so timely!

Quiz winners (and answers)

Despite what looked like a trick first question (actually an editorial error, sorry!), quite a few of you managed to come up with the right answers. The winners are:

Timothy from  Off Centre & Not Even

Linda from Below The Salt News

Clowie from Clowie’s Corner

easy rider from easy blog

Curt from Wandering Through Time and Place

Oh, and in case you’ve been wondering, the answers were:

1. Which cat came back after seven weeks

[not months!] away? Brandy

2. In which country did we eat custard tarts? Portugal

3. Which bridge has carried pilgrims since the 12th century? The Vilanova bridge (in Galicia, Spain)

4. What inappropriate travel box did Sabina not travel in? A plastic bag

5. Where did Lucy find a new home? Guernsey

6. At which lake did we meet blue sheep? Lake Lucerne (in Switzerland)

Tie-break winners

Thank you everyone who completed the tie-break telling us why they’d like to be an Animalcouriers passenger. These responses get prizes for making us smile:

Little Binky and Granny from angelswhisper2011, who felt sure we’d bring them around the world safe and sound and take care of them along the way.

Bacon Thompson from Piglove, who reckoned it would be a blast for us to have a little oinker in the back seat on our travels.

Other winners

We had a few prizes left, so decided to award them to some other people whose comments tickled our fancy in some way or other.

Bernadette from The Creative Cat, who told us how much she enjoys following us around Europe while she’s in the US, and seeing how other countries do animal care and rescue.

Miss Savvy from Savannah’s Paw Tracks, who said how much she liked the photos of the people who work in pet rescue and animal accommodation.

Tom from Tootlepedal, who also enjoyed the photos of all those great people — and made a flattering remark about our personal charm!

David from the Barsetshire Diaries, for his wish that animal shelters may get gradually emptier this year (we echo that wish, David).

Sones from Sonel’s World, who provided some really constructive feedback on the comments form. We’re working on it!

And finally Claudia from Summer Solstice Musings, for inventing the word ‘torniness’ to describe the feeling she has of being torn (between lateness and punctuality, owing to her mix of Colombian heritage and Canadian domicile).

Claiming your prize

If you’re a prize-winner, please email us at  with your full postal address. If you can get your address to us by 1700 GMT on Friday, we’ll post your prize on Saturday, so you should receive it next week.

That’s it! Now we’re back on the road

Thanks again to everyone for taking the time to comment. Now it’s back to business as usual. Our first road trip of the year is underway, with couriers J and M already in Greece. Keep an eye out for upcoming posts about their UK-bound passengers.