Happy new year to all our friends and followers!

Here at Animalcouriers we’ve been busy over the festive season redesigning our website and blog to make them mobile friendly. So if you’re a tablet or smartphone user, why not take a few minutes now to have a browse through our new website and blog?

We’ve also made changes to some of the content, including adding information about our channel hopping service, and updating our web page about pet passports and TRACES. There are new photos of pets on many of the pages, too.

To celebrate the new year and our new online look, we’re giving away some prizes:

  • To the first person who likes this post
  • To the first person who comments on this post
  • To people whose early comments on this post we like the most

Even if you’re not among the first to comment, you still have the chance to win a prize by taking part in our quiz.

Post your answers as a comment on this blog by midnight GMT on 10 January 2016 — and don’t forget the tie-breaker!

Animalcouriers new year 2016 quiz

You’ll find the answers to all these questions in recent Animalcouriers blog posts.

  1. Which cat came back after seven months away? NB — We are very sorry but this should have read seven WEEKS – all previous entries will be given an extra point!
  2. In which country did we eat custard tarts?
  3. Which bridge has carried pilgrims since the 12th century?
  4. What inappropriate travel box did Sabina not travel in?
  5. Where did Lucy find a new home?
  6. At which lake did we meet blue sheep?


Please complete the sentence:

I’d like to be an Animalcouriers passenger because…

Quiz Ts and Cs

And finally…

A quick reminder of some of the fantastic people we’ve known for a while or met for the first time during 2015, who’re doing great work with rescued animals all over Europe. A round-up too of some of the people whose pet services we’ve been pleased to rely on over the past year.


Filozoikos Shelter in Athens

Martha and Kiki from the Filozoikos Shelter in Athens

Filozoikos Shelter Athens

Conrad, a UK-based supporter of the Filozoikos Shelter in Athens

Nine Lives Greece

Sophia, Ellena and Sonia from Nine Lives Greece

Nine Lives Greece

Cordelia, who is passionate about cat welfare

AthensPet TaxiAkis

Akis who runs a pet taxi service in and around Athens

Chris's Animal Hotel

Christine from Chris’s Animal Hotel, Athens

North Cyprus:

Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR)

Margaret, Kim and colleagues from Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR), North Cyprus


Barking Mad Kennels

Heather from Barking Mad Kennels on the Algarve


kennels in Malaga

Louise who runs a kennels in Malaga


Dr Diana James and Chats du Quercy

Dr Diana James from Vet2U with Lynn from Chats du Quercy