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A snowy start in Switzerland this morning

Animalcouriers were hoping to reach Zurich last night, but an accident had closed the Gotthard Tunnel. So we stayed near the southern entrance of the tunnel at a motel we've used before, where there are lovely walks for the dogs and secure parking. To get a head start we woke early this morning — to be greeted by a snow storm, with thick flakes of fluffy white falling all around us! After a quick leg stretch for the dogs and a bite of breakfast for all our passengers, we were ready for the off, keen to avoid getting snowed in [...]

Animalcouriers docks at the port of Ancona in Italy

The fast boat we were originally booked on to cross from Greece to Italy got held up at Barcelona in Spain, owing to bad weather. So we were pleased to be able to switch to another boat, but it was much slower, taking 22 hours to reach Ancona! Checking in with all the pets was a painless process, with all our paperwork approved, which was very reassuring. And on board, the weather was pleasant, warm and sunny. As we promenaded up and down the decks with our canine passengers, onlookers must have thought we were a very eccentric pair of [...]

Danae and Cherry get their operations; and Fred’s sisters are looking for homes

A big thank you to our friends and followers who made donations to the Filozoikos Shelter for Danae's eye surgery to remove a dermoid cyst. By last weekend the shelter had received around €300 of the €700 needed, at which point a Facebook follower of the shelter offered to donate the rest! The email confirming his donation arrived while Alexandros was running the Athens marathon in aid of the shelter. So on Monday Danae went to the vet and her operation was done on Wednesday. When she was collected on Thursday, Kiki and her colleagues quickly realised that with around [...]

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Safe arrival in the UK for Marley, Victoria, Bichette, Milo, Piccola, Edie and the finches

While couriers J and M make their way from Greece to Italy by boat, courier S has reached the UK with her passengers from Malta, Italy and Switzerland — and the first happy reunions have already taken place. A very happy and wriggly Marley is reunited with his owner in Sussex Young Bracco Italiano Victoria gets a rapturous welcome from Philippa Beautiful Bichette enjoys a spot of lunch at Animalcouriers' Surrey base, before being collected by her family and taken to her new home Milo settles in to his temporary accommodation, looking quite [...]

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Meet our passengers from Greece, who are heading to the UK

Animalcouriers reached Glyfada in Greece, and our first job was to reunite Florrie, Rosie and Izi with Elias and Sheila, and Neo with Henry. Unfortunately it was a dark and rainy night — no good for photos — but we can assure you the reunions were very happy ones. We've now collected our UK-bound passengers and are on board the ferry from Igoumenitsa to Italy. The van is parked very near our cabin, so we can keep popping  across to check on the pets and walk the dogs. We can even have one dog in our cabin from time to [...]

Six finches join us in Italy; Marley and Edie get on board in Switzerland

Our UK-bound trip stopped near the Italian city of Milan to collect a party of six goldfinches and two bullfinches. These beautiful, colourful birds are providing a wonderful music backdrop to the journey. Above the lakes of Geneva in Switzerland we met Marley, who belongs to John's daughter. She's living in West Sussex and Marley is now off to join her. John, a Texan ranch owner, has been caring for Marley at their Swiss home near Neuchâtel. While in Geneva we also collected Kooikerhondje Edie. She travelled with us to Switzerland from the UK a month ago to be with her [...]

Meet our passengers from Italy who are heading to the UK: Piccola, Bichette and Victoria

Couriers J and M took a catamaran from Malta to Sicily, then another boat from Sicily to the Italian mainland. Meanwhile courier S, already in Italy, delivered stunning pure-white cat Blinky to her owner Paul. Her new home is in the beautiful town of Marsciano near Perugia. With all the building work going on, we could only get within 50 yards of the house, so Paul popped out to meet us — as did several intrigued assistants from a very smart shoe shop nearby! Then it was off to Sorrento collect Siberian Chipmunk Piccola, who's moving to Cambridge with her [...]

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Exploring Malta, and collecting Milo who is off to live in Ireland

With a day and half to spend in Malta before continuing their journey towards Greece, Animalcouriers set about exploring the island. Couriers M and J both have connections to Malta — courier M was born there and left as a baby, and courier J went there on holiday as a child. One must-see sight on Malta is Mdina, a wonderfully preserved hilltop fortified town that was once the capital. It boasts a fine cathedral, a nunnery and dramatic battlements — and some great places to eat. Before leaving Malta we caught up with a friend of ours, Trevor, who's spent [...]

Walking in the Italian Alps with Neo, Flossie, Rosie and Izy

Animalcouriers drove through the Mont Blanc tunnel from France to Italy with our passengers from the UK. We stopped in the Italian Alps for walks in the fresh mountain air, and plenty of interesting sniffing opportunities for all our doggy passengers. We loved the mushroom picnic tables at the rest stop in France The Alps in the rain — the good news for skiers is that the pistes are already looking promising in Chamonix Neo drinking in the sights and sounds of the Alps. He really seemed to appreciate their grandeur. Flossie enjoying [...]

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Izy, Flossie, Rosie, Blinky and Neo head to Italy and Greece with Animalcouriers

With courier M having reached Malta, where he's met up with courier J, courier S has set off from the UK with more pets who are travelling to Italy and Greece. Yorkshire Terrier Izy and her Beagle companions Flossie and Rosie had their bags packed and ready when we arrived to collect them in Hertford. These three canine chums are off to spend the winter in Greece. Blinky homeboarded with Animalcouriers for a few days while her owners went on ahead to get their new home sorted out. The family is moving from London to the Perugia area of northern [...]

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