Three cats join our trip in France: Bella, Fifi and Beryl the Peril

Animalcouriers stayed just outside Narbonne last night, and set off this morning to collect Suzanne's cats Bella and Fifi. Suzanne is moving to Northumberland to be closer to family, and Bella and Fifi are going on ahead so they will be there to welcome her when she arrives. From there we continued on to Condon, to meet up with Susan and her cat Beryl the Peril. Susan has sold her lovely home there and is relocating to Dulwich in London. Suzanne did an expert job of rounding up her two cats in advance of our arrival Pretty [...]

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A Mini Griffon and four cats join our trip, and we walk dogs on the beach in Denia

Yesterday Animalcouriers collect Mini Griffon Golden from Marbella. He belongs to Myriam who has gone on ahead to Ascot, and is excitedly awaiting his arrival. We also called in on Mel and Sue at Casa Antigua kennels and cattery, where four beautiful cats from Care4Cats on Ibiza were waiting for us. Mel had kindly met them off the boat and looked after them until we got there. This type of support is a real help to us, as arranging to be at a port at a specific time on a specific date can be a bit tricky for us. These four cats have new [...]

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Meadow, Chian Chian, Nelson and Baober take off from the UK, while Annie and Zac head for the English countryside

While couriers J and M head towards France with pets on board from Spain and Portugal, courier S has been busy with Animalcouriers passengers in the UK. Darling Dachshund Meadow and her family are flying from the UK to Zimbabwe. Meadow is travelling on the same plane as them to Johannesburg, then it's a few more hours in the car to reach their home. Meadow took check-in in her stride, and all the airline staff were very taken with this charming dog. Best mates Annie, a Mastiff cross Labrador, and Zac, a German Shepherd Dog, are having a little holiday [...]

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Hendrix, Shakira, Jake, Pacino, Brady and Bella join us in Portugal

Animalcouriers reached Lagos last night where we met up with friends Heather and Alan at Barking Mad Kennels. German Shepherd Dogs Hendrix and Shakira, and Jake the Estrela Mountain Dog, were waiting for us. They belong to Kate and Paul, who've gone on ahead to Yorkshire. When Kate and Paul lived in Lagos, Kate was Heather and Alan's weekend dog-walker — Heather says it was marvellous as it meant she and Alan could go out for Sunday lunch! Today we met up with Pacino, who belongs to Nick and Jackie. Pacino is going on ahead and will be waiting in [...]

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Update on Greek dog Danae since her eye surgery

Good news from the Filozoikos Shelter in Athens — the first stage of Danae's eye surgery went very well and she's proving to be an excellent house guest at her foster home. And Cherry, the puppy who had surgery for a broken leg, is also making great strides. Volunteer Alexandros ran the classic marathon in Athens to raise money for Danae's operation. Martha from the shelter tells us: "Alexandros' effort was inspiring, Danae's problem was touching, so by the time Alexandros was finishing the marathon, the amount needed for Danae's surgery was gathered. Just after the marathon we informed those [...]

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Collecting UK-bound passengers in Spain and Portugal; and exploring Extremoz

Animalcouriers docked at the Spanish port of Bilbao yesterday morning and headed straight for Madrid to collect Charlotte from AAH Vets. Her owners have gone on ahead to England, and neighbours have been looking after her in the meantime. From Madrid we headed into Portugal where, thanks to out-of-season deals, we were able to book a room at the Pousada Hotel in Extremoz. (Pousadas are luxury, traditional or historical hotels — a bit like the Paradors in Spain.) Called La Rainha Isabel, our hotel was set in the 13th century Extremoz castle, with a fine view over the surrounding countryside where white [...]

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Meet three delightful puppies: Kuran, Inez and Obi

Animalcouriers collected gorgeous German Shepherd Dog puppies Kuran and Inez from Riethoven in the Netherlands, for the first leg of the their journey to Barbados. They were bred by a former chief of police whose puppies mostly go on to interesting and vital working lives with the police, army and search and rescue teams. For now, however, these two are simply enjoying being teenagers! After checking their passports and microchips, we drove to Calais for a Eurotunnel crossing to the UK, and last night they homeboarded with us in Surrey. Today they'll have their final health check at the vet [...]

Amber, Garnet and Josephine swap the UK for France

Animalcouriers delivered Amber and Garnet, a gorgeous and inquisitive pair of cats, to their new countryside home in France. It's a truly idyllic spot in the Pays de la Loire region — a stone cottage tucked away down a country lane, beautifully warmed by the log burner for the cats' arrival. Beautiful black Josephine from London travelled with us to the Burgundy area, where her loving family were waiting with her favourite treats and blankets. Although very friendly, this former rescue cat is also quite timid — on arrival, she shot under the sideboard! But with all the familiar items [...]

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Pets fly to Hong Kong, Sweden, Barbados, South Africa, Guernsey and Canada

It's been a busy week for pet airfreight with Animalcouriers, with pets boarding flights to rejoin their owners or meet their new families. Beautiful white Maltese Terrier Nina flew to Hong Kong to join her owner Alynne, who wrote to say: "I would like to thank you and all the team for helping us bring our baby safe and sound to Hong Kong! She's with me right now taking a little nap after such a long trip. She arrived well, even compared to the trip she's made from the US to London." Also heading to Hong Kong from London Heathrow [...]

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Crossing the Channel from Calais to England

Animalcouriers reached the Calais area last night, ready for a morning crossing with P&O today. We've had walks and breakfast and have cleared all the paperwork checks, and we're just getting on the ferry. We've really enjoyed spending time with our travel companions. Some were a bit shy at times, but we've been able to talk to, handle and engage with every one of them. When the audience is so attentive, it does make telling travellers' tales that much easier! Carly always looking for the next stroke or tickle. She's so friendly, we're sure Philip will be delighted with [...]

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