News of George in the UK; and Lola, Millie and Alfie in Portugal

Animalcouriers recently received news about some of our recent passengers. Handsome tabby cat George travelled with us from the Limousin in France. We collected him from Barbara at her cattery and delivered him to his owner Jenny in the UK. Jenny tells us: "George is safely back home and fast asleep on my bed. This would not have been possible without Barbara from Pension pour Chats in Rochechouart who has cared for and loved George as if he belonged to her, and Animalcouriers who were recommended by Barbara. Courier J has been amazing too and kept me up to date [...]

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Kensington and Chelsea girls: Snowflake Twinkle Toes and Annie May

While couriers J and M were travelling through southern Europe, courier S had the pleasure of collecting Toy Poodle puppy Snowflake Twinkle Toes from her breeder in Peterborough. A real bundle of sunshine on a grey winter's day, this cute little girl was on her way to her loving new home in Kensington. She travelled brilliantly and received a very warm welcome indeed at her London home. We also received news of Annie May, a stray dog rescued in Greece by Sara and transported to the UK by Animalcouriers. Sara tells us: "Thought you might like to know that Annie [...]

Our final passengers, Coco and Pepe, join our UK-bound trip

Animalcouriers stayed near Poitiers last night, and set off this morning to collect Sandra's cats Coco and Pepe, who've been boarding at the Grande Chauffetiere cattery in Leigné les Bois. Sandra and her cats are relocating from France to the UK to be nearer Sandra's daughter Kim. With Sandra's handsome felines safely on board, we headed for Calais, ready to cross the Channel to the UK. Coco and Pepe at the cattery Pepe comes in for a close-up when we arrive A very relaxed Tommy Slinky black Rikki Very alert George [...]

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Eight cats and a dog join our UK-bound trip, and Dexter has a bath

After collecting Duchess and Maisie, Animalcouriers continued towards the French border, picking up more passengers along the way. You may remember the story of Bandit — Christine had left her three cats, Cookie, Molli and Whiskey at a cattery in Javea, but sadly the cattery owner died. Lesley from Kittycare Cattery in Onil collected the cats and took them for microchipping and rabies vaccinations so they could get pet passports. However, Whiskey turned out not to be Whiskey at all, but a clever lookey-likey who'd spotted the opportunity for a new home. Cat-lover Christine opened her heart to this intrepid stray, named [...]

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Cats, dogs and a bearded dragon get on board as we drive north through Spain

After breakfasting with a fine view of Gibraltar yesterday, Animalcouriers set off through Spain to collect our UK-bound passengers. First up was Rikki, a slinky black cat from Sotogrande. Pippa and her husband are going back to the UK. Concerned that this gentle 'wuss' of the cat world would be disrupted by the kerfuffle of the move, they've arranged for him to go on ahead to stay with Pippa's sister in Hampshire until their new UK home is ready for him. Then it was Arfa's turn. This lovely Staffie is one of our regular passengers. He takes his trips to [...]

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Taz and Milo reach Spain; and Felix, Tereco, Oscar and Tucha are reunited

Yesterday was a brilliantly sunny day on the Spanish Costa Brava when Animalcouriers dropped off cute Shidoodle pair Taz and Milo for a short stay at The Dog House kennels in Teulada. We continued south to Malaga where we met up with Pedro. He took his and Vera's four cats — Felix, Tereco, Oscar and Tucha — on the last leg of their return journey from the UK to Portugal. A cheeky look from young Milo Taz gamely tries out for 'longest tongue' Lesley from The Dog House welcomes Taz and Milo All [...]

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Happy reunions for Edie, Barley, Bob and Sam

When we met up with Ben in Geneva, Edie was so excited to see him that she dashed across the car park and straight into his arms! From there it was on to Salazac to reunite Siamese cat Barley with his owner Brian. We had to meet Brian outside the village as it's so quaint and narrow there was no way we could fit our van down its streets. Then we headed a bit further south and west to the town of Narbonne to deliver Bob to Ruth. In this rugby-mad part of France, Ruth's partner is lucky enough to [...]

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Cats, Spaniels and Shidoodles are heading to Europe

Animalcouriers set off today with pets on board bound for Switzerland, France, Spain and Portugal. Edie is a Kooikerhondje, a small Spaniel-type breed of dog. She's off to join her owner Ben in Geneva, where he's taken a production of Shakespeare's 'Much Ado about Nothing' for a month's run. Edie tells us she's very much looking forward to having a look around that fine Swiss city. Also travelling with us is Clumber Spaniel puppy Bibi. Just 16 weeks old, she was bred by Hilda whose kennels win some of the top awards in the Clumber Spaniel world. Bibi is moving [...]

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Happy reunions for Suzana, Lucy, Moss, Soggy, Anakin and Hollywood

Little Suzana was a passenger on our most recent trip from Greece to the UK. Her owner, Angeliki wrote to tell us how happy she is to be reunited with her dog: "Thank you for bringing Suzana to Renfrew, she is really happy. We had three months apart and after a two-hour walk I am sure Suzana loves her new home. Please thank courier M for helping her to adjust to the trip." Lucy, from North Cyprus, was rehomed to Catherine in the UK by Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR). Catherine describes her as being 'now a bone fide UK resident'. Lucy flew [...]

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