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Reunions for Rufus, Athena and Jack; and Sam and Sky are on board

Dogs often find a visit to the vet quite stressful, but it was the opposite for black Labrador Rufus. He travelled with Animalcouriers from Portugal to Scarborough where he was reunited with his owner, Ana, at the vet clinic where she is a nurse. As you can imagine, Rufus was both surprised and delighted to see Ana. And needless to say, all the clinic staff made a huge fuss of him. From there we continued to Belsay, near Newcastle, to drop cats Athena and Jack at the family's new home, a lovely farm cottage deep in the country. Athena and [...]

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Meet our latest passengers: First Loki the cat, and Spinone puppies Fanny and Robin

Animalcouriers met up with Giuliano in Rome to collect his daughter's cat, First Loki. Lara is living and working in London, and now First Loki is off to join her. We really enjoyed meeting Giuliano, who was interesting and good fun to talk to. He insisted on handing First Loki to us personally, and had a quick chat with all the other pets on board before kissing First Loki goodbye. Then it was on to Pucci to collect gorgeous four-month-old Spinone puppies Fanny and Robin. Originally bred as gun dogs, Spinones are loyal, friendly and alert dogs with a gentle [...]

Jedy, Belinha, Peewee, Athena, Jack, Tico, Tica, Roxy, Casper and Rufus are UK bound

Animalcouriers collected darling Golden Retriever Jedy, a very dignified gent at 14 years young. He's a little frail and not really up for frisky walks, but he loves a gentle amble in the sunshine or a lie-down on the grass in the shade. Understandably his owners are very keen to be reunited with him. When we picked up Maria's two cats, Belinha and Peewee, we were given a short lesson in Portuguese to ensure we could pronounce their names and communicate with them. Maria's mum has been taking great care of these two while Maria relocated to London for work [...]

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Darius, Oscar, Mandy and Annie join the trip as we prepare to leave Greece

Cocker Spaniel Darius belongs to Kelly, who lives in Cambridge. Now Kelly's sister Theodora, who gained a first in her product design degree, is off to the UK as well, and Darius is going too, where he'll be reunited with a very excited Kelly. When Elizabeth and Andros were on holiday in the Kalamata area they adopted a Greek Sheepdog, Oscar, and a blind cat, Mandy. They've worked very hard to get a TRACES certificate to allow them to take these two pets out of Greece legally. There were obstacles at every turn and Andros even had to make a [...]

Excited arrivals in Spain and Portugal

Animalcouriers delivered Jackie's family of dogs Coco and Derecha and cats Blackie, Maisie and Madge to a kennels and cattery in Coin on the Costa del Sol. They'll have a short stay here until their owners arrive at the end of the week and get all the furniture in place ready to welcome their pets to their new Spanish home. In Seville we dropped German Shepherd Dog Nanook off at her kennels, where she'll stay for a week or so until her owners join her. We know they're missing her very much, but they can rest assured she's in delightful [...]

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Stratis, Sebastian, Penelope, Forcy and Suzana join us in Greece

On our return from Crete we called back in at the Filozoikos Shelter in Athens to collect two dogs, Stratis and Sebastian, who are travelling with Animalcouriers to new homes in the UK. Young Stratis was found abandoned in central Athens with his ears cut to make him look like a Doberman, and two broken legs. The shelter nursed him back to health and everyone who's looked after him has completely fallen for him. Now he's on his way to his forever home with Vivienne in Brighton. Sebastian, still only eight months old and growing, also had trouble with his legs. He [...]

Reunions for Colin, Paddy, Gizzy, Kitteon, Topy and Pudin; and Daisy is now on board

On reaching Greece Animalcouriers headed to the town of Larissa, about three hours north of Athens, to collect Jack Russell Daisy. Her owner, John, has relocated to England and Daisy is off to join him. Then it was off to Athens where we popped in to visit the Filozoikos Shelter in Athens central park, to catch up with Kiki, Martha and all the rest of the team who look after the dogs. As usual, they were working flat out, with 140 dogs to care for. Kiki, who is always optimistic, said: "But we have found 150 new homes so far [...]

Cats and dogs heading to Italy and Greece

With one group of passengers already travelling south with Animalcouriers to Spain and Portugal, another set of dogs and cats are on their way to Italy and Greece. On board are Paul and Anne's four cats — Pudin, Topy, Gizzy and Kitteon — along with their Chihuahua chums Paddy and Colin. The whole family is swapping damp and windy Southampton for warm and sunny Crete. While Paul and Anne went on ahead to get the new home ready, the cats stayed at Burntwood Kennels and Cattery and the dogs homeboarded with us. Paddy and Colin are quantum dogs — now you see [...]

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Meet our passengers travelling to Spain and Portugal

Animalcouriers has set off from the UK with pets on board who are heading to Spain and Portugal. Our first stop was to collect Brockman and Muller in Wales. These two English Bulldogs — known affectionately as Slug and Slobber — are off to Cadiz in Spain, where their footballing owner has relocated to play for a Spanish team. They're a fine pair of dogs with massive personalities and very charming smiley faces. Lovely trio Spanish Water Dog Lola, Jack Russell Terrier Millie and Maine Coon Alfie joined us in Lancashire and are travelling with us to Portugal. With shiny [...]

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Emmi, Bear, Callie and Soggy leave the UK; Huxley arrives; and Phoebe settles in

Animalcouriers drove to Cornwall to collect tabby cats Tips and Emmi, and Labrador/Great Dane cross Bear. We met up with Tips and Emmi near beautiful Redruth, where they have been staying at the Sun Valley cattery, a lovely place that lives up to its name. Once their paperwork and vet visits are complete, they'll be flying off to join their owners in Singapore. Bear has been staying with family friends near Tiintagel while waiting to join his owners in Paris. Bear stayed overnight with Animalcouriers and continued his journey to Paris by road the next day. Beautiful fox red Labrador [...]

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