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Fang reaches the UK from Kazakhstan via Amsterdam

Two-year-old Fang and his owners are relocating from Kazakhstan to England. Because they're coming from outside the EU, Fang's UK entry paperwork is a little more complicated than the usual pet passport. The entry requirements include a blood test followed by a three-month wait. With one month to go, he's now reached the UK where he will spend those last weeks in quarantine. To complicate matters further, Fang is a very big dog indeed. He's a Central Asian Shepherd, and his size meant he couldn't fly directly into the UK, because KLM didn't have a plane with a cargo hold [...]

Osprey chicks fly from Scotland to Spain

A year ago Animalcouriers arranged BA flights from Scotland to Spain for 12 Osprey chicks. The chicks were part of a a breeding program for Urdaibai Bird Center in association with the University of the Basque Country. This year we were delighted to be asked to do the same again for another 11 chicks. We organised their flights with BA from Aberdeen to Madrid. They had a brief stopover at the Animal Reception Centre at London Heathrow, where they were checked over to make sure all was well. After touching down in Madrid, they continued their journey by road. The move was again masterminded [...]

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Happy reunions for Banksy, Nina, Jura and Thrall

Cats Banksy and Nina and pups Jura and Thrall recently travelled with Animalcouriers from mainland Europe to the UK. Their owners have all been in touch to update us on how their pets are settling in to their new homes. Cute young Banksy started his trip in Portugal. He was found by Tanis on a bank — hence the name — and has now joined her in the UK. Tanis is the owner of Sussex Life magazine and will be doing a feature on his journey. Perhaps Banksy will become her editorial assistant when he's a little older? Super fluffy black-and-white cat [...]

Thaddeus and Perseus from Greece are en route for Ireland

Animalcouriers met Sarah at Folkestone Services. She had flown from Athens in Greece to Brussels in Belgium, then taken a taxi to England. She was travelling with three cats of her own, plus two rescue cats from Nine Lives Greece, Thaddeus (formerly Homer) and Perseus, whose ultimate destination is Ireland, where a new home with Ann and Trevor awaits them. Until their transport to Donegal is arranged, Thaddeus and Perseus are homeboarding with Animalcouriers. Sarah with her beautiful tabby cat Handsome ginger Perseus Perseus and Thaddeus Sarah says goodbye to Perseus and Thaddeus [...]

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