Reunions in France for Basil, Pixel, Siku and Bastille; and we meet Paul and his kitten

Animalcouriers met up with Yvonne and her family in St Colomb de Lauzun in south-west France to deliver their cats Basil and Pixel. The family were waiting to visit the local school for their eldest son. From there we headed towards Toulouse where Donal and his brother were waiting for Siku and Bastille. While he was working in Bordeaux, AA Relay officer Paul was discovered by a litter of kittens. One of them, a very clever girl, has attached herself to Paul and prefers to spend time with him than with her brothers and sisters. So of course, Paul can't [...]

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Joan and her 16 pets are relocating to Spain

Following a house fire, Joan and her six dogs and 10 cats have relocated from County Leitrim in Ireland to Valencia in Spain. The dogs and cats are all delightful, friendly creatures who took to travelling with Animalcouriers like ducks to water. As you may imagine, moving such a large family poses quite a few logistical challenges. One issue was that it wasn't possible to match Joan's arrival date and ours. Fortunately, we found the Casa Antigua kennels and cattery in Denia, that could take Joan's pets until she gets to Valencia. Run by Mel and Sue, it's a fabulous place for [...]

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Meet Siku and Bastille from Ireland, and Poppy, Pixel and Basil from Scotland

The latest Animalcouriers trip to southern Europe has set off, with pets on board from Ireland and Scotland. In Dublin we met up with Donal who brought us his very beautiful Samoyed Siku. Donal and his family, including children Finn and Anjae, are relocating to the Toulouse area of France. Donal told us that Siku loves people, which is indeed the case — Siku dashed about between us all, looking for strokes and pats, or perhaps even a treat. Black cat Bastille was supposed to accompany Siku but had gone AWOL. So having left Siku with us, Donal dashed back [...]

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Jet-setting pets — Dixie, Sasha and Vikki; Nutmeg; Charlie; and Trygve

Animalcouriers arranged for Spaniels Dixie, Sasha and Vikki to fly home to London Gatwick following a summer holiday in Majorca. Their owners travel a lot for work, so the next flight this intrepid trio takes may be to South America in a few months' time. Golden Retriever Nutmeg, who flew to Shanghai just a few days ago is doing well. He overnighted in Hong Kong where he homeboarded with Ferndale Kennels, the Hong Kong pet transport company that took care of the Chinese leg of his journey. Nutmeg's owner Sinead told us: "Just thought I would get in touch and let you [...]

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Can you help find a new home for Stella?

Stella, originally from Greece, is a Heinz 57 type of dog, with generous helpings of Collie and German Shepherd. Around three years old, she's in good health, microchipped, vaccinated and neutered. As far as anyone can tell, she has been deaf since birth. Stella is a very energetic girl, good with people and also with other dogs once she has got to know them. Her energy levels probably mean she's not suitable for a home with young children, cats or other dogs. She's clean in the house and sleeps soundly in her crate at night. If you — or someone [...]

It’s goodbye Sox — hello Sophie, Donna, Tissou and Petit Choux

Animalcouriers crossed 'that' bridge from Denmark to Sweden to deliver Staffie Sox. His owner Ubbi couldn't be there to meet him, so a friend of his came to collect Sox.As we said goodbye to Sox, Sophie arrived to join the trip. This gentle Black Lab is travelling from Stockholm to England. Her grandfather came from the UK so she's effectively going back to her roots! Her family have already moved to their new home in west London, but flew back to Sweden to make sure Sophie was all settled in for the start of her journey.In addition to Sophie, we [...]

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Nutmeg is swapping the UK for China

Handsome Golden Retriever Nutmeg has an exciting adventure ahead, as he is off to Shanghai. The first step on his epic journey involved being collected by courier D and taken to his vet appointment. With a bit of time to spare, courier D took Nutmeg to meet his sons, Oliver and Finlay. The boys were so taken with Nutmeg, they're now petitioning their dad for a dog of their own! Nutmeg is now homeboarding with Animalcouriers, staying with courier M and his Golden Retriever Amber until it's time to catch his flight. New best mates — Nutmeg with Finlay [...]

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A lost cat gets back to his family; and three animal charities get a windfall

When Elaine Fairfax was on holiday recently in the south of France, she was adopted by a stray tabby-and-white cat who walked in her back door looking a bit thin and bedraggled. Concerned that he didn't have a home of his own, Elaine fed him and shared her home with him. As the end of her holiday approached, Elaine decided she wanted to adopt the cat, now called Pepe, and take him back to the UK with her. Being the founder and MD of Animal Friends Pet Insurance in the UK, Elaine knew that without a pet passport, Pepe would have to [...]

Travelling from the UK: Billybob, Alfie, Tiger, Lily and Sox

Animalcouriers set off yesterday from the UK with pets bound for Belgium, Denmark and Sweden. The clouds were heavy with rain and we thought Hurricane Bertha might catch up with us — but fortunately we experienced nothing worse than a bit of rain. First up, we delivered darling Cocker Spaniel Billybob to his temporary home in Liège in Belgium. His owners, Veronique and her husband, are going to spend a few months in Australia, during which time Billybob will stay with Veronique's mum in Liège before travelling back with us to the UK. Veronique and her husband will then split [...]

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Two different Spaniels, two different destinations

Animalcouriers recently welcomed King Charles Spaniel puppy Rhyss and 12-year-old Cocker Spaniel Billybob as homeboarders. Young Rhyss stayed with us for a couple of days so that we could prepare him for his flight to Barbados. Despite being quite a young puppy, we found him to be a very placid and laid-back fellow, always ready for a chat or a play or to share his supper. We look forward to hearing how he settles in to his new life in the sun. Billybob stayed with us for a little longer. He originally came to the UK from Australia with his [...]

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