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Reunions for India, Miss and Moby; and Scooby, Zora, Bonnie, Crunch, Star and Banksy have joined our trip

It took a while to reach Gibraltar to catch up with black-and-white cat Scooby, as the 10-day Feria de La Linea — a celebration involving fishing, street parades, music, dancing and horse riding — was in full swing. Scooby travelled with us from the UK to Gibraltar earlier in the year, but now his owners Ryan and Oonagh have the opportunity to live and work in Melbourne, Australia, for a while. So Scooby is off to live with his grandparents. At Jerez we stopped off at the main railway station to meet up with Antonio and hand his dog India over [...]

Cat and dog reunions as our Italian trip reaches the UK

When we reached Dover, Donna was at the port waiting to be reunited with Heidi and Bob, who went completely crazy when they saw her. Once back at our Surrey base, Jacky's new owner arrived to collect her — a fantastic first meeting with both parties completely delighted. Then it was Uma's turn. This 15-year-old puss, whose journey started in Switzerland, was collected by her owner's mum who'll be taking care of Uma until she moves to Dublin with Jo. Meanwhile, Whippet Mucha was back in his owner's arms after just a couple of days apart. Young Jacky tries [...]

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Happy reunions for Nellie, Bonnie and Lola in Spain, and Bart in France

Yesterday couriers J and M delivered cats Nellie and Bonnie to Val and David in Spain. Their new location, El Portet de Moraira, is a very pretty place to be, and bustling with lots of people enjoying the sunshine and the beach. Val and David were quick to get in touch to let us know how the girls are getting on: "Nellie and Bonnie are settling in well; Nellie (and Val) had a sleepless night while she explored and then meowed when she found herself alone! Both cats are eating and drinking well, and catching up with sleep. We would [...]

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Amy, Jacky and Gwen have joined our trip to the UK

Animalcouriers collected King Charles Spaniel Amy from kennels in Cavalaire sur Mer, where she's been waiting to be collected for her journey home. This cute little girl is travelling with us to West Sussex where she'll be reunited with her owners. We arrived to find Amy had been washed and shampooed — she looked and smelled wonderful. At six and a half months old, Australian Shepherd puppy Jacky is a lanky young thing. Now ready to leave her breeder and venture out into the wide world, she's making the journey with us from France to the UK. Her new family [...]

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Noir and Miss are travelling with us from France to Portugal

You may remember that late last year, two cats belonging to Fanny travelled with us from Lyon to Lisbon, on the last leg of their journey all the way from Canada. Fanny's Portuguese home has lots of open space and wonderful view of the sea — perfect for any puss. Now two more of Fanny's cats have reached Europe — Noir and Miss — and are making the same journey with us from France to Portugal. We got Noir on board fairly easily, but with Miss it was quite another story… Noir enjoying an afternoon nap in a shady spot when [...]

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Cheese-tasting in the Dijon area as we follow the Tour de France route

Couriers J and M set off from the UK, heading towards Spain, and spent last night in the Dijon area of France. On board so far are Bonnie, Nellie, Lola and India. Tabby-and-white cats Bonnie and Nellie are quite hard to tell apart. These two lovelies have been homeboarding with Animalcouriers for a week since arriving from Wales. They're now en route to their new home in Moraira in Spain, where their owners Val and David are eagerly awaiting their arrival — Val says once the cats are there it will really feel like home. At just 8 inches tall, [...]

Last night on the Italian Riviera

Couriers S and L spent last night on the Italian Riviera where all their passengers enjoyed a tranquil evening, and the dogs had cool walks on the breezy beach. Today they will cross the border into France. Editor's note: we have moved the cheese-tasting story that originally formed part of this post to its own post, as we received some irresistible late additions! Casey enjoys the cool sea breeze Nociolino is keen to know everything that's going on Rosalina knows how to strike a regal pose Jed enjoying a lie-in Ubasti [...]

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Meet our latest passengers: Nina, Jed, Casey, Heidi, Bob, Mucha and Uma

Fluffy black-and-white puss Nina has joined Animalcouriers in Italy. She's travelling with us to London to rejoin her owner who is studying there. To keep her looking and feeling her best, Nina is travelling with her own hair brush and a bag of her favourite nibbles! Less fluffy — but marvellously mustachioed — black-and-white cat Jed has also joined our trip, travelling with his Australian Sheepdog chum Casey. Their final destination is Dublin in Ireland, where the family is relocating to be close to their Irish family. Both cat and dog are very relaxed and friendly — the perfect passengers! [...]

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Kirkland, Cooper, Ubasti, Rosaline and Nociolino are on the move, and Sam reaches his destination

Following a period living in the Scottish town of Aberdeen, it was time for handsome hound Kirkland to head home to Houston in Texas. There was no time to stay and enjoy the Scottish Open, but he did have to endure the traffic jams it created on his way to Glasgow Airport to catch his flight. Fortunately there was time for a final walk in the beautiful Scottish countryside before boarding the plane. Meanwhile, couriers S and L were on the road to Italy with Sam, and delivered him to a warm welcome at La Pensione Di Casa Orlando in Leini, where [...]

Yellow Labrador Sam swaps Scotland for Italy

Animalcouriers collected Labrador Retriever Sam in Glasgow. This handsome fellow is on his way to rejoin his owner in Italy. Travelling through France yesterday we followed part of the Tour de France route, which was very exciting. Like a star rider, Sammy gathers a fan club around him every time we stop for a walk or a comfort break. Following a pleasant walk in the Dijon area this morning, we're back on the road and heading towards the mountains and the border with Italy. Sammy will be reunited with his owner later today. Sam sniffs the French air [...]

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