Dogs on board from Spain and Portugal: Bolt, Bingo, Smokey, Saphira, Benji, Molly and Pipoca

Emer's Shih Tzu Bolt joined our trip in Spain. This gentle fellow was brought to us in Marbella by Emer's gardener. Bolt really enjoys a snuffle about while out walking. In Portugal Animalcouriers collected Bingo and Smokey in the Castelo Branco area. These two lively dogs belong to Ben and his family, who have relocated to Doncaster. Antonio, Justine and Joanne have been taking care of them while the new home in the UK is prepared for their arrival. Glamorous Cocker Spaniel Saphira also got on board near Castelo Branco. She hopped confidently into her travel compartment while Gisella told us [...]

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Cooper is ready to fly; Ubasti, Jed and Casey are reunited; Prince and Jazz are on board

Animalcouriers delivered gentle giant Cooper to Heathrow Airport and checked him in at Air Pets, where he's having a couple of days rest before flying to Ohio tomorrow. Then it was off to Leominster to reunite Ubasti with her owner Teodora. Until Teodora found out about Animalcouriers, she had been struggling to find a way to get Ubasti to the UK from Croatia. But now they are finally back together, they plan to stay that way! We crossed to Dublin in Ireland to deliver dog Casey and cat Jed to their extended family, who'll take care of them until their [...]

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