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Frank is reunited, Bella flies to the US, and nine cats head to their UK homes

At the Eurotunnel pet reception, dogs Frank and Bella, and cats Tumble, Walt and Jess, who travelled with us from Scandinavia and Germany sailed through their paperwork checks. Unfortunately technical problems delayed our train for a couple of hours, but Frank and Bella didn't mind too much — it gave them more time to stretch their legs in the doggy exercise area! When we reached the UK, Frank was whisked off for delivery to Daniel by a fellow courier, while courier S delivered Bella to the Animalcouriers base in Surrey. Bella homeboarded with us overnight before heading to the airport [...]

Millie flies to Calgary; Cooper touches down in Ohio; Pickles heads down under

Animalcouriers recently arranged for gorgeous Millie from Manchester to fly to Calgary in Canada. Her owner Jane left Millie in the care of her mum while she went on ahead to organise the family's new home. It took longer to find pet-friendly accommodation than Jane had expected, but finally she found the perfect pad, and Millie was soon on her way. Jane sent a photo of Millie at her new home, saying: "I'm pleased to tell you that Millie arrived safe and well in Calgary. It was a lovely family reunion at the airport! Thank you so much for everything you [...]

Edwin arrives in Berlin; and Jess, Walt and Bella get on board

Silver tabby Edwin's owner Anne rang Animalcouriers to say her flight to Berlin was horribly delayed, making our planned rendezvous impossible. Fortunately, vet Kai-Uwe Dix was willing to step into the breach to cat-sit (and doubtless pamper) Edwin until Anne arrived. So courier S was able to be on her way to collect Jess and Walt. These two gorgeous tabby cats are heading with their owner Hannah back to Sheffield, following a year of studying in Berlin. Hannah says it's been the best year ever and she would love to come back (with Jess and Walt, of course). Hannah adopted [...]

Frank and Tumble join our trip from Scandinavia

Four-year-old Jack Russell Terrier Frank may be a small dog but he has a huge personality. He joined the Animalcouriers trip in Gothenburg in Sweden, as he is moving to Surrey with his owner Annica and her English boyfriend Daniel. Frank is used to sleeping in bed with his mum, so courier S promised he'll be allowed to share with her on the journey. We then crossed from Sweden to Denmark to collect Tumble. Originally a rescue cat from Scotland, Tumble was adopted by Steven, then moved with him and his young family to Denmark. Now they're returning to Scotland [...]

Archie and Cosmo get the warmest of welcomes; and Edwin is a happy traveller

Gorgeous Archie arrived at his new home in Mannheim in Germany and had a crazy five minutes dashing round the garden with family members. Animalcouriers had been somewhat baffled by his coat — much softer than a Rottweiler's normally is. It turns out he is partly Collie, and normally has a long soft coat which had been trimmed for the summer. Gave him a fantastic teddy bear look and feel! The next morning we were up and about early in Denmark, near the Rodby ferry port. Cosmo enjoyed a walk in the beautiful quiet countryside. He and courier S spotted [...]

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Reunions galore for cats and dogs as we reach the UK

The final leg of the Animalcouriers trip from southern Europe was quite slow — as well as the Tour de France being in full swing, several of the pets' passports had minor errors that needed attention from a vet. We reached Calais in the evening and felt it would be less stressful for the animals to stay there for the night, and cross to the UK the following morning. Up bright and early, we got to the port to find a security alert in progress. The extra security procedures in place meant it took over four hours to get from [...]

Edwin and Archie are off to Germany, while Cosmo heads to Denmark

As the Animalcouriers trip from southern Europe with couriers J and M nears the UK, courier S has set out for northern Europe with Edwin, Archie and Cosmo. Canadian-born Anne has recently finished her master's in music at Glasgow, and now she and her handsome silver tabby cat Edwin are off to the magical city of Berlin for auditions and new operatic opportunities. Rottweiler Archie is travelling with us to Mannheim. Sadly this lovely fellow's owner recently passed away, but members of his extended family in Germany have offered him a new home, where he's sure of a very warm [...]

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Update on our trip from southern Europe

After collecting passengers in Portugal and Spain, Animalcouriers crossed the border into France and spent the night just outside Narbonne. We had a lovely sunny morning for our walks, then hit the road heading northwards via Castelnaudary to Limoges, picking up more pets en route for the UK. Yellow Lab Wally with his grandpapa Juan at Burgos. Wally originally travelled to Spain with us in June. Wally is a very handsome young chap Tabby Faisca is settling into the trip and becoming quite chatty Our colleague Alex from Traveldog brought us Jura and [...]

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Dogs on board from Spain and Portugal: Bolt, Bingo, Smokey, Saphira, Benji, Molly and Pipoca

Emer's Shih Tzu Bolt joined our trip in Spain. This gentle fellow was brought to us in Marbella by Emer's gardener. Bolt really enjoys a snuffle about while out walking. In Portugal Animalcouriers collected Bingo and Smokey in the Castelo Branco area. These two lively dogs belong to Ben and his family, who have relocated to Doncaster. Antonio, Justine and Joanne have been taking care of them while the new home in the UK is prepared for their arrival. Glamorous Cocker Spaniel Saphira also got on board near Castelo Branco. She hopped confidently into her travel compartment while Gisella told us [...]

Cooper is ready to fly; Ubasti, Jed and Casey are reunited; Prince and Jazz are on board

Animalcouriers delivered gentle giant Cooper to Heathrow Airport and checked him in at Air Pets, where he's having a couple of days rest before flying to Ohio tomorrow. Then it was off to Leominster to reunite Ubasti with her owner Teodora. Until Teodora found out about Animalcouriers, she had been struggling to find a way to get Ubasti to the UK from Croatia. But now they are finally back together, they plan to stay that way! We crossed to Dublin in Ireland to deliver dog Casey and cat Jed to their extended family, who'll take care of them until their [...]

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