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Bella and Honey are first to board our European trip

The next Animalcouriers trip to mainland Europe is about to start, and Bella and Honey are already on board. Lovely miniature Daschund Bella is travelling from a beautful seaside village near Whitby in Yorkshire to the glamorous resort of Monaco, where she'll be spending the summer. She was ready and waiting for us with her bags all packed, including a tub of special treats and some cute knitted pyjamas. French Bulldog puppy Honey is travelling with us to Geneva in Switzerland, where her family is eagerly awaiting her arrival. This charming young lady looks set to win hearts wherever she [...]

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Paddington swaps Switzerland for the UK

Handsome ginger-and-white puss Paddington had an early wake-up call in Geneva yesterday morning when Animalcouriers arrived to collect him for his journey to the UK. He's moving to Windsor to semi-retirement with the British half of his family. It was a late arrival last night, but no doubt compensated for by a delicious supper! Gorgeous long-legged Paddington gets a goodbye hug At the Eurotunnel customs office Paddington eyed the microchip reader very suspiciously. Quickly realising it wasn't going to hurt, he settled back down to sleep.

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Is there room in your heart and your home for Alan?

Alan is a German Shorthaired Pointer (also known as a Kurzhaar) currently in the care of the wonderful Filozoikos Shelter in Athens, Greece. Kiki, Martha and the shelter volunteers are keen to find this delightful six-year-old dog a new home. They say he's friendly towards people and other animals, very affection, and loves long walks and human companionship. Kiki takes up Alan's story: "Alan was found in April 2013 wandering outside a supermarket in Nea Filadelfeia, sick and alone. He weighted just 22 kilos when we found him and he had obvious signs of leishmaniasis. He was a sorrowful creature [...]

Cliquot, Shep and Pepita join our trip as we head north through France

Animalcouriers visited one of our favourite French catteries to pick up character cat Cliquot. When the cattery owner opened the door of Cliquot's unit and called his name, out popped a handsome tabby head from a little wooden cat house, followed by the rest of Cliquot. Very obediently he joined us in the doorway where he was quickly scooped up and we were on our way in under a minute. We collected handsome Collie Shep near Clermont Ferrand in central France for his journey to the UK. Although he's 15, he doesn't look his age at all; he's just a [...]

Leo, Bella, Bob and Rommel say happy birthday, courier L!

Animalcouriers took a morning walk with our charges at Gandesa in Spain's Tarragona province, and snapped a floral display to wish courier L, back at the Animalcouriers office, many happy returns of the day. As we north through Spain, we called in at Medinya in the Girona area to collect German Shepherd Dog Rommel. We then carried on across the border and spent the night near Narbonne. Leo always has a broad smile on his face, especially on a bright morning walk down a Spanish country lane full of new smells to explore Bouncy Bella [...]

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Jake, Deejay and Wally reach their destinations; Bella, Leo and Bob board the bus

Weimaraner Jake is a regular Animalcouriers passenger who travels with us between Ireland and Estepona in the Malaga region of Spain. He's a very calm character but is armed with the most amazing set of jaws that can shear through nylon leads as though they were strings of liquorice! While we were busy tidying his compartment, Jake reminded us of his superpower, and there's photographic evidence to prove it. Yellow Lab Deejay stayed with us for a few nights before setting off with us for Lisbon in Portugal. He was joined by Wally — who could almost be his twin [...]