Chunky and Lurcher pups head north, Anakin and Bob jet off from Heathrow, and Flup and Sailor reach their new home

Courier M collected two Lurcher Collie cross puppies from breeder Sally Handcock in Sutton Coldfield. These two youngsters, who don't yet have names, are travelling with us to their new owners in Fife in Scotland. Also on board was lovely tortoiseshell cat Chunky. This chatty, friendly puss is on her way from Sussex to Cumbria. Meanwhile courier S made sure stunning Siberian Husky Anakin and incredibly cute Shih Tzu Bob got to Heathrow airport in plenty of time for their flights. Anakin from Hove in West Sussex is flying to New Zealand where his owners are relocating. Anakin was originally [...]

Meetings and reunions for Shep, Holly, Pete, Kaluha and Feta

Pete and Kaluha, the two rescue dogs who travelled with us from Greece, are now with their new families. Meanwhile there were happy family reunions for little Feta, who also travelled with us from Greece; handsome Shep from France; and glossy black cat Holly from Surrey. Julia and Neil, who've adopted Kaluha, have already been in touch to say: "We have been home for the last hour and as you can see Kaluha us settling in well. We are having a nice time getting to know her. Thank you all so much for making her part of our lives." [...]

Travelling in the UK with Shep, Holly and Lola

While couriers J and M head towards to the UK with their passengers from Greece and Italy, courier S is taking care of Shep, Holly and Lola's journeys in the UK. Handsome Collie Shep has been homeboarding with Animalcouriers since travelling with us from the Clermont Ferrand area of France earlier in the month. This senior fellow has been the perfect houseguest, but now it's time for him to be reunited with his family who are eagerly awaiting his arrival. The dad in his family, Nathan, is a professional rugby player who moved from Australia to the UK, and from there to [...]

Lola, Lucca and Gino have joined our journey in Italy

When we docked at the Italian port of Brindisi we were met by pretty calico cat Lola with her grandma and grandpa. Lola has been very well provided for on her journey and, despite our lack of Italian and their lack of English, we were able to understand the special instructions concerning what Lola likes for her primero plato and segundo plato. Then it was off to Aviano to collect one-year-old yellow Labrador brothers Lucca and Gino from Anthony and Shana. Engineer Anthony has been stationed here with the US air force, looking after huge jet engines. Their four children [...]

Five cats from Skiathos join our UK-bound trip, as we’re reminded of the film ‘Mamma Mia!’

We sailed to the Greek island of Skiathos to meet Terry and Linda, whose cats Ollie, Ouzo, Daisy, Charlie and Lily are travelling with us to the UK. Terry and Linda have spent nine wonderful years on this stunning island — and even appeared as extras in 'Mamma Mia!'. Now, however, they feel it's time to go back to the UK. Although they'll miss the weather, the way of life and the friends they've made, the pull towards their family in the UK has won out — especially now there's a grandson in the picture who they want to spend [...]

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Sailor, Flupp, Consuela, Sylvie, Alain, Pete, Kaluha and Feta board the bus in Greece

Little girl cats Sailor and Flupp are travelling with Animalcouriers from Greece to the UK, where their new home awaits. They're going to live with Maddie and her lovely Greek rescue dog Zeus, a gentle giant who has proved himself to be good with cats. Tabby-and-white Sailor is missing a leg — probably since birth — but it doesn't stop her getting up to all sorts of tricks, both with and without Flupp. It was a pleasure to see Emilia and Kiki again and catch up with all the news from the Filozoikos Shelter in Athens. Renovations are in hand [...]

Black Lab Bo jets off to Mallorca for the summer

Beautiful Bo, who has travelled with Animalcouriers before, spends her summer holidays with her family on the sunny Spanish island of Mallorca. Yesterday morning we collected her bright and early from her London home and went straight to the vet where she had a health check and her passport was certified to say she was fit to fly. After that Bo had a few hours to relax before her afternoon flight to rejoin her excited family. Happy, relaxed Bo is all set for her holiday

Enjoying the natural and architectural splendours of Greece

On the way to Athens, Animalcouriers has the chance to admire some fascinating sights in Greece. This view of Igoumenitsa is breathtaking — it's easy to see why people fall in love with Greece and the Greek islands. The Rio-Antirrio bridge crosses the Gulf of Corinth and links the town of Rio on the Peloponnese to Antirrio on mainland Greece. The world's longest multi-span cable-stayed bridge, it looks impressive against a bright blue Greek sky. Old and new together — in the shadow of one of the bridge's huge concrete supports lies a fort; and [...]

Southern reunions for Jules and Jim, Bella, Lucca and Florence; while Leon, Frank and Heathcliff head to France

Faith came to collect handsome black-and-white duo Jules and Jim from mutual friends in Narbonne, and take them back with her to their summer residence near Perpignan. She tell us: "Jim complained à haute voix all the way back! After a clingy 12 hours they’re both dozing on the terrace and generally behaving as if they've never been away." Helen and Stuart let us know that cats Florence and Lucca are settling in well to their new home. These lucky cats have 12 acres of Tuscany countryside to enjoy! "We just wanted to say a huge thank you for the [...]

Bella, Jules, Jim, Lucca and Florence are on board; and Honey is already with her new family

With our passengers all aboard, the Animalcouriers trip through southern Europe is now underway. French Bulldog pup Honey joined us from Yorkshire. We had the pleasure of delivering her to her excited new family in Geneva, Switzerland. Delightful Daschund Bella also hails from Yorkshire — she's off to the sunnier climes of Monaco for her summer break. This affectionate little girl loves cuddles and is very good company. Regular travellers Jules and Jim joined us in south London. This handsome pair of tuxedo cats are also off on their summer holidays, to the Perpignan area of France. And finally, feline [...]

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