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Mitzy and Morrison move from Scotland to Essex

Animalcouriers collected this lovely pair of cats in Peebles, where they've been living for two years. Originally from Essex, they're now returning to their home county with Lynn and her husband, who are moving for work. The cats' owner is actually Lynn's son, who moved to Australia and asked his mum to catsit until he could send for Mitzy and Morrison. She's still waiting for the call — but luckily is very fond of the cats so all is well! We delivered the cats to Top Cats Cattery in Hockley, Essex, where they'll stay until Lynn completes her move down from Scotland. [...]

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Ecstatic welcomes for Sky, Molly and Luna

Yesterday Animalcouriers travelled to Northumberland to reunite Sky with Abbi, and on to Glasgow where Molly met Kayleigh and her dad for the first time. Meanwhile, Rafaella collected Luna from our Surrey base. Sky was delirious with excitement at being back with Abbi. They have moved to a beautiful part of Northumberland. Molly is greeted by Kayleigh and her long-suffering dad Chris. They already have two other Eurasiers so Molly will be in good company. Kayleigh and Chris enjoy showing their dogs and we're sure that confident Molly will soon be wowing the judges. Look out for [...]

First meetings and reunions in the UK for Jacinta, Dawn, Kuka, Té, Kirin, Pachi, Pete and Mia

Yesterday Animalcouriers had the pleasure of delivering many of our European passengers to their waiting owners in the UK. Jacinta (L) is welcomed by her new family in Kent, including canine member Syren Jacinta with Marie — Marie and Neil were so excited waiting for Jacinta to arrive Lynn is delighted to have Dawn back in her arms, who makes a late entry into the 'longest tongue' competition Mariana is thrilled to be reunited with her cats Kuka and Té in Reading Kirin receives an ecstatic welcome from his owner Ruben [...]

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Meet Molly, Lili, Jacinta and Kirin

Molly is a Eurasier puppy, bred by Antonio in Madrid. Eurasiers are a Spitz-type breed of dog that originated in Germany and are considered wonderful companions. Animalcouriers will be delivering Molly to her new owner Kayleigh in Glasgow, Scotland, who will take her the rest of the way to John O'Groats. Lili is moving from Barcelona in Spain to Brighton in England to rejoin her owner Jimena. Lili is quite shy — Jimena explained that she has experienced a number of changes over the last month which have probably contributed to that. So we are taking it calm and easy [...]

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Pachi, Caco, Cleo, Kuka and Té have joined our UK-bound trip

We collected handsome 10-year old Pachi from his grandma, Monica. He's travelling with Animalcouriers to the UK where he'll rejoin Simoneta, who's quite excited as she hasn't seen Pachi for a while. Before we left, several members of the family called in to say goodbye and wish him a safe journey. Pachi may not have been too sure what it was all about, but he certainly enjoyed all the fuss and attention. Also on board are four more cats. Caco and Cleo from the beautiful seaside city of Vigo, belong to Jonathan, who has relocated to Stoke on Trent for [...]

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The celestial Sky, Dawn and Luna are now on board

Yesterday morning we met collected Sky from Abbi in Ayamonte in the Huelva region of Spain. You will see from the photos that Sky wasn't playing ball when it came to photo time! Later we crossed the border into the south of Portugal, where we we caught up with Lynne and her friend at Ourique, where Lynne's terrier Dawn joined our trip. They're returning to England after a spell working in Odemira. Then we headed north towards the Portuguese capital, Lisbon, to collect Luna. This little dog flew with Gina from Rio de Janeira, and is now completing the remainder [...]

Shadow is reunited; and Pete, Mia and Lili have joined our trip

Yesterday Animalcouriers delivered Shadow to Antonio's girlfriend Victoria, who kindly came to meet us in Seville to help us out with traffic. Then it was off to collect Jack Russell puppies Pete and Mia. These cuties started out a little forlorn, having said goodbye to Dave and Alison, but within a few hours they'd made a thorough investigation of their travel compartment and were causing light havoc! Victoria is very happy to collect Shadow Pete and Mia say goodbye to Dave and Alison Pete and Mia were startled by seeing their own reflections in their [...]

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Guiseppe and Arfa are reunited with their families in Spain

Yesterday Animalcouriers reunited little Daxie Guiseppe with Linda and Alejandro in Murcia. Everyone was pleased to be back together, with Linda in particular looking so much happier than when she had to part with Guiseppe a few days ago in England! Meanwhile Matt and his mum were missing Staffie Arfa so much that they jumped in the car and came to collect him early! Guiseppe with Alejandro and Linda, who spotted three tiny ticks on Guiseppe — must be from all those walks in the campo. We discussed getting Guiseppe one of those special collars from the vet that [...]

Morning walks in Gandesa as we make our way south through Spain

Yesterday we delivered gentle giant Pod to Jennifer, who will take care of him at her cattery in the Garonne until his new French home is ready. From there we headed to Spain, and spent last night in Gandesa, in the Catalan region. Today we continue our journey south that will ultimately take us all the way to Portugal. Jennifer gives Pod a 'hello' hug Pod wastes no time finding his way to his brunch Jennifer's cattery looks as welcoming now as it did when we first visited several years ago. Made of wood and [...]

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