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Brutus, Jinx, Smokey and Figeac are swapping Belgium for Scotland

While couriers J and M walked dogs on the beach at Igoumenitsa in Greece, courier S collected a family of four angelic cats from a beautiful village near Liège in Belgium. They crossed the Engilsh Channel via Eurotunnel and will now stay with Animalcouriers until their owners reach Scotland early next week. We look forward to getting to know each of these cute characters a bit better during their time with us! Jinx has the most amazing eyes Brutus keeps a very close watch on everything that's happening around and about Smokey's whiskers are just [...]

Getting to know our passengers from Athens, and reunions for Elsa and Gypsy

Lisa and Lina are travelling with us from Greece to rejoin Nick and Linda in Scotland. Nick and Linda relocated last year and the dogs have been staying with Nick's sister in Athens in the meantime. Romy belongs to Christiana and has been in the care of her parents since she moved to the UK for work. Christiana's parents say they miss their daughter but it's hard to find work in Athens, so they are very pleased she's found a good job in Southampton. Once all three dogs were on board, we headed to Igoumenitsa port. Yesterday's strike had prevented [...]

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Paperwork complexity as we depart Athens

Animalcouriers are leaving Athens with three dogs who are bound for the UK. All three dogs are owned by Athenian residents who have relocated to the UK for work, and are travelling on TRACES (Trade Control and Expert System) health certificates. Theoretically, the dogs don't need these health certificates but there seems to be some confusion in Greece on this matter. To give some background: there has been correspondence between Animalcouriers and Eurogroup for Animals (the leading voice for animal welfare at European Union level), and between that group and the European Commission on our behalf. Between us we have tried to clear a path with [...]

A warm welcome for Rebecca’s Shelties and a happy reunion for Penelope

Animalcouriers delivered Rebecca's seven Shelties to their new owners in Brindisi, Italy, where they were warmly received with hugs and cuddles by Pierrefrancisco and his partner. From there it was off to the port for our crossing to Greece, which saw us arrive at Igoumenitsa at the rather rude hour of 5.00am this morning! It felt like 4.00am as Greece is an hour ahead of Italy, so we were very impressed with ourselves for managing to wake up in time to get off the boat. Our plan was to hop on a ferry to Corfu, to deliver cats Elsa and [...]

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Dip and Piri are heading to New Zealand

Having delivered Bibi, Digger and Kizzy to kennels in Normandy, Animalcouriers headed off to Brittany to pick up Jack Russell Terrier Dip and Golden Retreiver/Labrador cross Piri. They have a long journey ahead of them as they're flying to New Zealand! We crossed to the UK by Eurotunnel, with this inseparable pair sitting side by side, barking in unison to greet every toll booth attendant. They spent last night with courier S, and this morning they're off to stay in kennels in Sussex while their paperwork, blood tests and vaccinations are finalised for their entry into New Zealand. Lovely [...]

Bibi, Digger and Kizzy reach their temporary digs in Normandy

Animalcouriers delivered yellow Labs Bibi, Digger and Kizzy to kennels in Normandy where they'll be staying until their owners arrive later this month. Despite the pouring rain that greeted us, all three were keen to inspect their family-size accommodation, that comes complete with a whole garden to themselves. The rain put them off exploring too far outside but all three seemed to approve of their hotel, and gave us permission to leave! Bibi keeping an eye on the kids Digger enjoys having a good look around Kizzy peeks out at the garden but decides a [...]

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Relocating Rebecca’s dogs, and exploring Alghero in Sardinia

Animalcouriers arrived at the Sardinian city port of Alghero from where we set off to meet Rebecca. She is rehoming her family of seven Shelties, and we're taking them to their new owner in the Brindisi area of Italy. Three cute Sheltie pups Cinnamon, the pups' mum Jake, the pups' dad L to R: Nutmeg, Ginger and Jake Rebecca with the pups, understandably very sad to be parting from her family A pampered padlock at the port The crochet-covered padlock turned out to be part of a [...]

Heading to France with Bibi, Digger, Kizzy and Icarus

While couriers J and M continue their journey through Italy towards Greece, courier S crossed to France via Eurotunnel yesterday lunchtime. Travelling with Animalcouriers from Exeter are Labrador trio Bibi, Digger and Kizzy. This mother, son and daughter are off to start a fantastic new life with their owners in Normandy. They're a bouncy bunch but, in true Labrador style, food and a fair bit of sleep are their favourite things! Crete-born Icarus has been living in the beautiful English city of Bath for a few months, and now he and his owner are heading back to their Cretan paradise. [...]

Coco and Islay are reunited in France, and we’re now heading to Sardinia

Animalcouriers delivered a very happy Coco Chanel to Margaret and her husband just outside Hyères in the south of France. Margaret told us they would all have a few more hours of peace until the rest of the family arrived, including a toddler and a baby! Then it was on to the Biot area, also in the south of France, to deliver gorgeous Staffie cross Islay to Alastair and family. (An editorial error means we missed Islay off our last post — editorial apologies for that ;-) ) Alastair delivered Islay to us a couple of weeks ago and we arranged for her [...]

Another Greek odyssey begins for Animalcouriers

As we set off for Greece, with a slight sense of trepidation given what happened last time we were there, we're taking solace from lots of chats with our passengers about what might happen when we get to Athens. We left the UK last night and have already delivered Daisy and Millie, a lovely and energetic pair of girls, to Fiona and Joe in Switzerland. Bichon Coco, who started her journey in Glasgow, Scotland, has packed her cozzie and sunglasses ready to spend several months in Hyères in the south of France with Margaret. English Bull Terrier Penelope is completely [...]

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