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Getting to know our passengers from Athens, and reunions for Elsa and Gypsy

Lisa and Lina are travelling with us from Greece to rejoin Nick and Linda in Scotland. Nick and Linda relocated last year and the dogs have been staying with Nick's sister in Athens in the meantime. Romy belongs to Christiana and has been in the care of her parents since she moved to the UK for work. Christiana's parents say they miss their daughter but it's hard to find work in Athens, so they are very pleased she's found a good job in Southampton. Once all three dogs were on board, we headed to Igoumenitsa port. Yesterday's strike had prevented [...]

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Paperwork complexity as we depart Athens

Animalcouriers are leaving Athens with three dogs who are bound for the UK. All three dogs are owned by Athenian residents who have relocated to the UK for work, and are travelling on TRACES (Trade Control and Expert System) health certificates. Theoretically, the dogs don't need these health certificates but there seems to be some confusion in Greece on this matter. To give some background: there has been correspondence between Animalcouriers and Eurogroup for Animals (the leading voice for animal welfare at European Union level), and between that group and the European Commission on our behalf. Between us we have tried to clear a path with [...]

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