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A warm welcome for Rebecca’s Shelties and a happy reunion for Penelope

Animalcouriers delivered Rebecca's seven Shelties to their new owners in Brindisi, Italy, where they were warmly received with hugs and cuddles by Pierrefrancisco and his partner. From there it was off to the port for our crossing to Greece, which saw us arrive at Igoumenitsa at the rather rude hour of 5.00am this morning! It felt like 4.00am as Greece is an hour ahead of Italy, so we were very impressed with ourselves for managing to wake up in time to get off the boat. Our plan was to hop on a ferry to Corfu, to deliver cats Elsa and [...]

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Dip and Piri are heading to New Zealand

Having delivered Bibi, Digger and Kizzy to kennels in Normandy, Animalcouriers headed off to Brittany to pick up Jack Russell Terrier Dip and Golden Retreiver/Labrador cross Piri. They have a long journey ahead of them as they're flying to New Zealand! We crossed to the UK by Eurotunnel, with this inseparable pair sitting side by side, barking in unison to greet every toll booth attendant. They spent last night with courier S, and this morning they're off to stay in kennels in Sussex while their paperwork, blood tests and vaccinations are finalised for their entry into New Zealand. Lovely [...]

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