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Four Cypriot cats and Rottie Melissa reach their homes — and Coco Chanel is now on board!

Cappy, Caretta, Scruff and Biff had a very happy reunion with their owners last night. This intrepid quartet started their journey in North Cyprus, from where they flew to Turkey, then on to London. From there, they travelled with Animalcouriers by road to the Nottingham area. All four were originally strays who clearly landed on their paws. As we left, they were getting lots of hugs and cuddles, and doubtless a special supper was on the cards. Another four adopted strays have stayed on in Cyprus — although their owners were sad to leave them, they felt the cats were too [...]

Badger cub update

You may remember that courier R, who is a something of a badger expert, was involved in rescuing a pair of badger cubs whose sett had been accidentally disturbed. The cubs were taken to Wildlife Aid in Surrey, where the prognosis for their survival was put at just 50/50. Sadly, despite the top-notch care they're receiving, we've heard that one of the cubs has died. Wildlife Aid says it's only to be expected, as they were so young; but even so it's a sad time when everyone has worked so hard. The sibling continues to grow, but is still very [...]

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