Daily Archives: April 3, 2014

Cappy, Caretta, Scruff and Biff head north, accompanied by Melissa

Animalcouriers collected Cappy, Caretta, Scruff and Biff from the Animal Reception Centre (ARC) at Heathrow Airport. This gorgeous cat family flew in from Turkey and are travelling with us to the Nottingham area, where they'll be reunited with their owners this evening. Also on board is adorable Rottie Melissa, a rescue dog from Greece who's been staying at Treetops Kennels and seems to win hearts wherever she goes. She's now on her way with us to the west coast of Scotland where her new family is very excited about her arrival. In fact, we had a bit of trouble getting [...]

Arfa the Staffie shows us his latest trick

Animalcouriers collected lovely Staffie Arfa from the Costa del Sol last summer, and drove him to the UK. Well, he enjoyed his trip so much, he's booked himself in to travel back with us to Spain later this month. In the meantime he's been practising his 'holding two tennis balls at once' trick, and we must say we are very impressed! Arfa makes it look so easy But not all Staffies are similarly gifted — Pugsley (aka Superbeast), who belongs to couriers J and R, can only manage one!

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