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It’s goodbye Scooby and hello Trouble and Pickle

Today we delivered Scooby to Bronagh, who walked through the border from Gibraltar to meet us. She told us Scooby is quite a nervous cat. Nervous? we said. That's not the Scooby we've got to know. He's been leading the group singing and heckling us for food — he's been a most entertaining passenger! Then it was on to collect handsome ginger Trouble. Is the name something we need to worry about? we asked. Not at all, explained Trouble's owner, Russell. That was his name when they adopted him from a rescue centre, but he's actually as soft as butter. [...]

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Minnie, Daisy, Rafiki and Mushy swap Glasgow for Geneva

It was an early morning wake-up call in Glasgow for this family of four dogs. They're travelling with Animalcouriers to Geneva in Switzerland, where their owners are eagerly awaiting their arrival. They've been staying with relatives for a year and a half, so we expect it will be a very happy and excited reunion. They're a well travelled quartet, having lived in England, Vietnam and Scotland, and are proving to be good company on the journey — Courier S has nicknamed them the Brady Bunch! Tonight it's a stopover in the Dover area of England before catching the Eurotunnel in [...]

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More cats join our trip as we head south through Portugal

After delivering Coddy to Marta's mum at her cafe, Bueno Momentos, in Lisbon, we spent the night at the Holiday Inn Express at Lisbon airport. Today we set off for Faro, and from there it will be on to Gibraltar. But before leaving Lisbon, we went to collect Gaby from Demetrio and Ligia. Her owner Ronivon is already in England, and her two friends have been looking after Gaby for her. "Gaby is not wishing to travel today," said Demetrio, who reported that Gaby was proving difficult to catch and perhaps we could help! Our next port of call was in [...]

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Last night in Burgos, and Kika and Miauf are now on board

We spent last night at the Ciudad de Burgos hotel in Spain, a favourite stopover for Animalcouriers, where the ambiance is always warm and welcoming. "Tiene animales?" they always ask. "Si, si," we reply. Then it was off to collect Kika and Miauf from Anna Maria and her family in Porto. They've been looking after these two pets on behalf of Diana and her husband, who've gone on ahead in the process of relocating to England. A French kiss for courier M from French bulldog Coddy The beautiful grounds of the hotel, where the blossom shows spring [...]

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Heading for Spain and Portugal with Coddy, Scooby, Looklikely and Cornflake

Another eventful couple of days for Animalcouriers… having had our van serviced in readiness for our southern European trip, courier D was on his way to collect black-and-white cat Scooby and French Bulldog Coddy, when he noticed a smell of diesel and smoke coming from the exhaust. So he pulled over and summoned the rescue service. It turned out there were no problems at all, but safety always comes first. So we set off yesterday with Scooby and Coddy on board, along with Looklikely and Cornflake, who'll be staying initially at the Animal Inn in Guia. It's run by Diana and Bungie and [...]

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Happy new homes for Sofie and Milly

Sofie and Milly are two of the dogs who recently travelled with us from Greece. We've heard from their owners in the UK that both girls are settling brilliantly into their new homes. Thanks to a call from a concerned citizen, Sofie was rescued by the Filozoikos Shelter from a life of being chained up in a yard. She has now been adopted by Simon and his family and is having many wonderful new experiences, as Simon tells us: "Sofie seems to be settling really well. She has dealt with the car journey, school run and change of surroundings. I [...]

Can you offer Gaston a supportive home?

Gaston, aged around five or six, was found three and a half years ago in Athens central park, having been attacked by other dogs. He was taken to the Filozoikos Shelter who have looked after him ever since. Although docile, intelligent and trainable, he's a strong dog (25 kilos) who needs lots of exercise to release his energy, but the sheer number of dogs at the shelter means he doesn't always get as many walks as he needs. He would be an ideal companion for people with an active lifestyle and no other pets — he definitely doesn't like cats. He [...]

Gwen and Betsy reach their new homes; and Arletta is heading to Luxembourg

With Border Collie Gwen on board, Animalcouriers crossed the border from Scotland to England, en route for Kent. The sun was shining and the scenery was beautiful — and then suddenly a warning light appeared on the dashboard. We had time to pull over to the hard shoulder before the engine stopped. Because this sort of thing can happen to anyone, and because animal welfare is our priority, our extensive RAC breakdown cover includes roadside assistance and a relay service to complete our journeys. Within minutes we were being towed to a safe place; and while we waited for the [...]

Lancelot reaches his forever home, and Gwen heads south

Fluffy white cat Lancelot — Lance to his friends — spent the night playing hot water bottle for courier S near Glasgow, before being delivered to his new forever home where he received the warmest of welcomes. Home is a smallholding nestled in the Scottish hills that's a loving home to quite a number of rescue dogs and cats, so Lance will have plenty of companions. It's a far cry from when he was found with a broken jaw and hips after falling from a third-floor balcony in Athens, and left lying in the street by his then owners who [...]

It’s reunion time for our passengers from Greece, Italy and France

Animalcouriers waved goodbye to Stathis as he set off on the final leg of his journey, while Jackie called in to collect cats Melassa and Oscar. We suggested Oscar might like to take his Zen garden! We then set about delivering Mouser, Gracie and Tiger, and Ruben, Red and Hugo, to their UK homes. Bo, who'd flown in from Cyprus, hitched a ride. She spent last night at Heathrow Airport's animal reception centre, where we collected her this morning to drive her to her home in Southport. Stathis sets off towards his Surrey home Melassa is pleased [...]