Bono flies to Melbourne; Cassie, Nya and three cats fly to Sydney; and Capability flies to Bermuda

While couriers J, M and S have been collecting and delivering pets around Europe, courier L has been arranging flights and paperwork for other pets leaving the UK and going further afield, assisted by courier R doing the airport runs. Gorgeous one-year-old Tibetan Mastiff Bono flew to Melbourne in Australia with Qantas. During the preparations for his flight, he lodged with Jenny, who was understandably sad when it was time to say goodbye. However, his new owner Charmaine, who runs the Temzin Tibetan Masiff Kennels, has been counting down the days until his arrival. The wait is almost over, as [...]

Reunions for Miauf and Kika, Pickle and Trouble

Black cat Miauf and her Labrador companion Kika were reunited with their owners yesterday. Diana and her husband moved to the UK ahead of their pets, and have had time to settle in and start their jobs in nursing and physiology. They tell us there's another dog waiting for Kika at home in Reading — a Golden Retriever. We sensed Kika was good with other dogs and now we know why. Kika was very excited to see her family — lots of licks, kisses and turning in circles Miauf is ready for the off Goodbye [...]

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