Collecting our UK-bound passengers in Athens

Animalcouriers met up with Cordelia from Nine Lives Greece in Athens Central Park. She brought Melassa and Oscar to us for their journey to their forever homes in the UK. Once these two cats were settled into our van — where they joined Matilda whose trip had already started — we went on to the Filozoikos Shelter to collect our doggy passengers. We were greeted by a table full of breakfast delights and freshly brewed coffee. Kiki told us over breakfast that they have 120 dogs for rehoming at the moment, plus two recently dumped litters of puppies. Once everyone [...]

Little Oscar gets a lucky break, and finds a new home in London

Along with Melassa, Animalcouriers will be collecting Oscar from Nine Lives Greece. As a poorly kitten Oscar was fortunate enough to come to the attention of a cat-lover in Athens who called on Nine Lives Greece for help. Now Oscar has regained his health and is off to a new home in London. Cordelia takes up his story: "Last October, Nine Lives Greece was asked for help by a very caring older man who runs a parking lot in central Athens. He feeds several cats there, and sees the females constantly getting pregnant and giving birth, the kittens getting killed on [...]

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