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Millie and Murphy reach their new home in Scotland

Gorgeous black-and-white cats Millie and Murphy made the journey north from Bishops Stortford to Glasgow with Animalcouriers. With the weather having improved, it was a smooth trip for these two pals. On arriving at their new home, they immediately set about exploring every nook and cranny, Murphy chatting away to Millie all the while. Everything seemed to meet with their approval, and there was just time for a parting cuddle before courier S had to head off. Millie Murphy

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Melanie moves her menagerie

Melanie has moved from the seaside resort of Hemsby, near Great Yarmouth, on England's east coast, to Grays in Essex. In addition to all the usual headaches that come with relocating, Melanie had a veritable menagerie to take with her! Five dogs, nine cats, and numerous fish. Melanie called on Animalcouriers to transport all her pets bar one dog that travelled with her and her family. Despite the upheaval of their home and routine, every pet was calm and well behaved. Melanie, her brother Eddie, and her daughter Shelley can take a lot of the credit for that, as they [...]

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