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Boxer Cardosso and Pugs Bruno, Triana and Pretinha are all on board

Handsome Boxer Cardosso has joined Lola, Suzie and Millie on our trip to Spain. He's leaving wet and windy Wales behind to rejoin Irene in Girona, who tells us they're both looking forward to a Spanish summer! Also heading south with us are Alicia's three Pugs. This cuddly trio, Bruno, Triana and Pretinha, travelled with us last year when Alicia relocated to England, and are now on their way back to Madrid where they'll be reunited with Alicia. Most airlines won't accept snub-nosed dogs like Pugs because they can have difficulties breathing, so we're delighted to be able to transport [...]

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Leo and Lexi are heading back to Gibraltar

You may remember Leo and Lexi, a pair of bouncy young Labradors we transported for Tom from Gibraltar to Ireland last summer. Tom's hobby is shooting, and Leo and Lexi are to be his retrievers. So they'veĀ been staying at a special training kennels in Ireland to learn how to do it. When we asked Tom if they've been good pupils, he replied that he'd really enjoyed being out with them. He felt, however, that Lexi was a little less enthusiastic than her brother. That's because the last time he was out with them, he felt a weight on his left [...]

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Honi makes a bee-line for Ecuador

Animalcouriers received a phone call from Carla in Ecuador a few days ago. She'd had to fly out of the UK without her beloved dog Honi, because of problems with Honi's travel box. Many phone calls and emails followed while Carla tried to sort out how to get Honi into Ecuador as a cargo booking. KLM offered the best route via Amsterdam, but Carla was overwhelmed by the maze of Ecuadorean bureaucracy. In the end, she realised she would have to return to the UK and accompany Honi on her flight to Ecuador. Animalcouriers supported Carla by arranging the legalisation [...]

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