Miski, Cali and Scali are on their way back to Crete

Miski, Cali and Scali have spent the winter on Jersey with Jill and Sheila. Now it's time for everyone to go home to Crete, where Jill and Sheila do great work looking after stray cats, making sure they get health checks and getting them neutered. It will be quite a long journey by road for these three cats but, following a less than ideal experience of getting them to Jersey by air, Jill and Sheila are keen to ensure their little family will have a more sedate ride this time around. We had a bit of spare time on Jersey [...]

Five cats and a puppy are heading to France and Switzerland

Animalcouriers set off today from Portsmouth with a lovely collection of pets on board. Our first stop is Jersey, then it's on to France. Four of the cats belong to Martin and Claire. The family is relocating from the Manchester area to the Burgundy region of France, where Martin set up his lute-making business last year. He's been waiting a while for his staff of Sid, Ben, Casper and Aztec to arrive. This quartet are glad to be on their way as they've been quite worried about how Martin has been managing without them! Handsome Casper Very relaxed Aztec [...]

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An American reunion (at last) for Sarah and her parrots

Way back in June 2013 Sarah contacted Animalcouriers for help moving her two pet parrots from Scotland to the US. Last weekend, the mission was finally accomplished. Ptak is a Pacific Parrotlet (Forpus Coelestis) and Maverick is a Senegal Parrot (Poicephalus Senegalus). Both species are protected by CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species), so Sarah had to work through the maze of paperwork required to allow the birds to travel between the UK and the US. Because the process took longer than expected, Sarah had to return to the US, leaving her beloved birds in the care of [...]

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Millie and Murphy reach their new home in Scotland

Gorgeous black-and-white cats Millie and Murphy made the journey north from Bishops Stortford to Glasgow with Animalcouriers. With the weather having improved, it was a smooth trip for these two pals. On arriving at their new home, they immediately set about exploring every nook and cranny, Murphy chatting away to Millie all the while. Everything seemed to meet with their approval, and there was just time for a parting cuddle before courier S had to head off. Millie Murphy

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Melanie moves her menagerie

Melanie has moved from the seaside resort of Hemsby, near Great Yarmouth, on England's east coast, to Grays in Essex. In addition to all the usual headaches that come with relocating, Melanie had a veritable menagerie to take with her! Five dogs, nine cats, and numerous fish. Melanie called on Animalcouriers to transport all her pets bar one dog that travelled with her and her family. Despite the upheaval of their home and routine, every pet was calm and well behaved. Melanie, her brother Eddie, and her daughter Shelley can take a lot of the credit for that, as they [...]

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Reunions for Zeus, Conan and Gypsy, and Zam and Millie; and Curiosa reaches her new home

Animalcouriers reunited Cocker Spaniel Zeus with his owners yesterday after a seven month separation. His owners relocated from Spain to Hertfordshire, leaving Zeus in the care of good friends. Now seven months on they've found a new home with a garden that's perfect for Zeus. Everyone was so happy to be back together again. We also reunited cats Conan and Gypsy with their devoted owner in Nottingham — unfortunately it was too dark for a photo! Zam and Millie reached Belfast and, as soon as they heard their owner's voice, they started singing away! They've been a very relaxed pair [...]

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Honi is so glad to be reunited with Carla and Poppy in Ecuador

Carla wrote to let us know that she and her dog Honi arrived safely after their flight from London to Ecuador, and that Honi is delighted to be back with her 'sister' Poppy. Carla tells us: "Honi and Poppy had missed each other so much, it was just the best thing to see them back together and happy again. Thanks for all your amazing help getting Honi to me. I appreciate it so much." Carla included some photos of a long walk she went on with both dogs the day they were all back together — looks like they had a [...]

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Rendez-vous in Paris with UK-bound Paco, Maya and Garfield

Jack Russell Terriers Paco and Maya travelled with their owners from Italy on the overnight sleeper train, to meet up with Animalcouriers at Charles de Gaulle airport yesterday morning. Also waiting for us at the airport was handsome ginger tabby Garfield. Although quite happy to have travelling companions, we made sure he couldn't see them and they couldn't see him, to avoid anyone getting overexicted! We all headed straight from the Paris airport to the French port of Calais where we crossed the Channel — and by early evening Paco and Maya were already at their new UK home in Wimbledon. With [...]

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Meet Tibs, Zeus, Mora and Mara, Pandora and Lua, Millie and Zam, and Conan and Gypsy

After 20 wonderful years of living in France, Rosa is relocating to England to be near her daughter, and Animalcouriers is transporting Rosa's cat Tibs for her. Rosa tells us that Tibs adopted her more than nine years ago on walking into Rosa's garden and falling in love with her Westie, Acer. Tibs and Acer were never apart, and Acer always looked out for Tibs, but sadly he's now passed away. Like many cats, Tibs knew 'something was up' as the move approached. So Rosa has been keeping a close eye on the very wise and canny Tibs, and took [...]

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A very wet journey through northern France

If you're an animal courier, yesterday in the north of France was the sort of day to avoid! We had wind, rain and sleet — the dogs were soaked through after their walk and had to be dried down. And of course, the traffic was slow and heavy, which meant our progress was a bit disappointing. We stopped at Clermont-Ferrand for the night and were pleasantly surprised to find it was somewhat warmer there, with none of the covering of snow we usually expect to see at this time of year in the Auvergne. Today we set off in good [...]

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