We do hope you all had a very enjoyable festive season and are rested, refreshed and ready for this brave new year. We most certainly are!

Thank you for your kind wishes and fun responses to our last post. As we said, we are awarding Animalcouriers Beer Paws to our five most prolific commenters.

the top five commenters on the blog

Easy — thanks for calling by and commenting so often, you make us laugh here and at your own wonderfully wacky blog.

Gunta — you were right, shameless amounts of treats were used during that photo shoot! We enjoy our beach walks on your blog and your beautiful photography.

Fozziemum — even though you are a new friend on the blog, you do keep up! Your tales of life in the Australian bush are very entertaining.

Nylablue and Sherri-Ellen — thanks for calling by so often and your sweet comments. We love your blog and hope Nylablue keeps away from the vet as much as possible this year.

Boomdee — your jokes and humorous links were great but you’d already earned your reward! Thanks for keeping us company on the road and for your beautifully creative blog.

In addition, there’s a Beer Paw ready to send to the posters on our Christmas blog whose comments made us Ho Ho Ho the most. They are:

The piggies at hutchagoodlife – we’re sorry guys, but your hoomans deserve some alco-bubbles for the great job they do on your videos.

Sammy and Pam at onespoiledcat – love the idea of doggies having ‘one to go’.

Karel at peacewithmylife – Beer Paws should use your slogan!

Spiders — it is our great pleasure to send a Beer Paw to someone who obviously enjoys a brew.

Curt from Wandering Through Time and Place — off the wall gets laughs too!

So, please do send your snail mail address to annie.alexander(at)mac.com and we’ll send out the Beer Paws post haste!