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Scottish reunions for Poppy, Vegas, Alfie, Fat Cat and Doofus

Yesterday Animalcouriers delivered dogs Poppy and Vegas, and cats Afie and Fat Cat, to Danny and Sally in Inverness. Despite the humans being somewhat jet-lagged after the long trip from Dubai, it was a very happy reunion. And Doofus reached his new home in Clynder, which will be quite a change from his old Surrey home, as it's open countryside with plenty of opportunities for exploring and hunting. His owner Chris is very excited for him, saying, he won't know himself with all this space! Alfie with Sally — Fat Cat wasn't in the mood for a photo op [...]

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Heading to Inverness with reunions along the way

Animalcouriers set off early yesterday morning from Surrey en route for Inverness in Scotland. On board were the Clarke family's dogs, Poppy and Vegas, and cats, Fat Cat and Alfie. They were accompanied by Blythe's cats, Simon and Lucy, who were on their way back to Fife in Scotland. This intrepid pair have travelled with us before between Scotland and Switzerland , moving with Blythe each time her work as a scientist calls for her to relocate. Their grandad had everything ready and waiting for them — boxes by the fireside and food already in their dishes. Also with us was handsome ginger-and-white [...]

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Alaska, Poppy, Vegas, Big Cat and Alfie from Amsterdam

Yesterday morning Animalcouriers collected 16-week-old Bassett Hound pup Alaska from her breeder in the Netherlands, and by yesterday evening she was in Surrey with her new owner, Ashi. Also joining our trip back to the UK from Holland were dogs and cats belonging to the Clarke family, who are relocating from Dubai to Inverness in Scotland. The family flew with their pets on KLM as far as Amsterdam, where Animalcouriers met them at Schipol airport. We then started the drive back to the UK with dogs Poppy and Vegas and their feline companions Big Cat and Alfie, while the humans flew directly [...]

Updates on former passengers now settled in Australia and France

Bella and her feline companions Beau and Tinkerbelle flew from the UK to Australia and were reunited with Alex and Tom earlier this month. Alex tells Animalcouriers that all three pets are settling in really well to their new home. We also heard from Anne and Brian whose family of 12 Ragdoll cats travelled with Animalcouriers from the UK to Perpignan in France last year. It sounds like they haven't had a dull moment since their arrival! Belle had to have an operation on her ear and had to wear a cone of shame for two weeks. Then senior member Gus [...]

Summer has arrived in Portugal

Despite the fact it's the middle of January, Summer has come to Portugal! This young Cockerpoo took off from a rather chilly Manchester airport in the UK to join fellow Cockerpoo Chico at Lynda's home in the much warmer climes of Portugal. Both dogs are from the same breeder — Anzil Cockapoos — and it was Animalcouriers who also arranged Chico's flight from Manchester to Faro 18 months ago. Lynda told us she was very excited about her new arrival. We asked when she'd be sending for a third pup but her response was, Lol, I think two may be enough! [...]

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Frankie goes to Rio — in time for the footy

Cocker Spaniel Frankie's owners are waiting in Brazil for Frankie to join them from the UK. Animalcouriers arranged for Frankie to fly with Lufthansa to Rio de Janeiro via Frankfurt in Germany. Frankie spent last night homeboarding with Animalcouriers, with a comfy bed and plenty of TLC before his 4.00am start this morning. His flight left London a little later than scheduled — we always keep an eye on the tracking information to check whether flights have left on time, so that we can let pet owners know if there will be a delay. Frankie was checked by a vet in Frankfurt before starting the [...]

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Beau from Barnham returns to Sydney

Animalcouriers arranged for handsome black cat Beau to fly from the UK to Sydney, Australia, where he has been reunited with his owner Heidi. Beau is something of a globetrotter: he moved from the UK to Australia about six years ago, then came back to West Sussex for a couple of years before this latest flight down under. He's a cool dude who seems to take jet-setting in his stride. Heidi tells us: "Beau is settling in ok, doesn’t like to be out of our sight! Thanks for all your help and if we ever hear of anyone moving their pets [...]

It’s a Pickles reunion!

The very resourceful and vocal Pickles has been reunited with her owner, Martin. This character cat kept us entertained all the way from Gibraltar and we are finding that we quite miss her! We hear her travels may not yet be over as her owners are considering relocating to Australia! Pickles back with Martin

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Au revoir France, as we head towards Calais and the Channel crossing

We spent last night in Chartres, with a view of its magnificent cathedral. It was a chilly, dark start to the day when we got up to walk the dogs and feed all our passengers. Pickles has been leading the cat cacophany chorus on this trip, with solos by Anastacia. They started rehearsing 'Jerusalem' as we left Alicante and by Narbonne it was sounding promising. We think the real performance is due to start this afternoon when we hit Calais for our crossing to the UK. 'Bossy' Boots loves a walk — just the thought of one has him [...]

Cats, a dog and a dwarf rabbit get on board in Sitges

Yesterday we headed north towards Barcelona, then crossed the border into France and spent the night with friends in Narbonne. On the way we stopped at the lovely northern Spanish town of Sitges to collect David's cats Berkeley, Tiffany and Boots. These three travelled with Animalcouriers last year and are now ready to leave Spain and head back to the UK with David. Tilly also joined our trip in Sitges, where she's been living for four months with her owner Will. They're off back to Cambridge so Will can go to college. We were also able to help out Aiden, [...]

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