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Waffle is off to Gib, Luna is reunited, Ebony reaches her new home, and Oscar is waiting in Spain

The very beautiful Waffle is home boarding with couriers J and R while waiting to move to Gibraltar to rejoin Liana. Waffle is getting plenty of strokes and ear tickles from two small children who've been visiting regularly to help with the day care! Gorgeous Waffle takes it easy Waffle's favourite cat-napping spot — the cosy cupboard full of clean pet bedding! Esther and her partner came to collect Scottie Luna who travelled with Animalcouriers from Spain Schnauzer pup Ebony looks to have settled right into her new home in Spain [...]

Ten Greek cats via Paris; and an excited family await Iam’s arrival

As we headed north with our passengers from Spain and France, Animalcouriers made for Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris. We were there to collect 10 rescue cats who'd flown in from Greece with two members of the Greek Cat Welfare Society, and are heading to fantastic new homes in the UK. Among the 10 Greek cats are Daniel… …Isabella and Angelina… …and Nicole Meanwhile Australian Shepherd pup Iam arrived at courier J's home where he ate a huge supper… …then settled down for a nap. Pretty soon he was back [...]

Luna has a lie-in, and Iam is now on board

Animalcouriers spent last night in Bergerac. Courier S and cats Lily and Indy all had breakfast, but lazy Luna was still snoring in bed! We then drove a little way north to collect Australian Shepherd pup Iam. This four-month-old cutie is on his way to his excited new family in Wales. Little Luna in a big bed A disapproving look from Indy! Parting is such sweet sorrow — a few tears were shed when Iam left to start his journey to Wales earlier today Luna enjoys a walk in Limoges (now she's awake!)… [...]

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Lily, Indy and Luna are UK bound, while Kenny heads to Spain

Cute cats Lily and Indy are on the road with Animalcouriers, travelling from Torrevieja in Spain to Suffolk. They settled in straight away, and reckoned that sharing a bed is the nicest way to travel. Also on board is Scottie dog Luna, one of our "frequent flyers" who is en route from Valencia in Spain to her London home. Christmas in London is a must in every busy Scottie's social calendar! Meanwhile Setter Kenny is continuing his journey towards his new home and new family in Spain. Snug as two bugs in a rug — Lily and Indy [...]

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Young Schnauzer Ebony is heading to Spain

Earlier this year Animalcouriers collected a handsome Giant Schnauzer puppy called Tor in Germany, and delivered him to Ferncliffe Schnauzers in the UK. Now it's the turn of young Ebony, who is related to Tor, to take to the road. Just 16 weeks old, she's travelling with us to her new home with Yvonne and Keith in the Murcia area of Spain. They run Costa Calida Golf Tours, so perhaps Ebony will be able to help in the office, or look for lost golf balls? Either way, she's a gorgeous young pup who promises to be every bit as good looking as Tor. [...]

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Delivering Winchy, the Musketeers and Fat Cat

Winchy reached his temporary home safely last night at the Orchard Kennels and Cattery in Farges. Owner Dave was kind enough to allow all the dogs on board to have a crazy runaround in his fabulous doggy play area, so by 7.00pm all was quiet in the van, apart from the odd snore! Thanks, Dave! Bit embarrassing for Winchy — the only photo we could get was of him christening his litter tray, hence the look of concentration! The rest of the time he was playing madly with his toys. Today Animalcouriers delivered the Three Musketeers, Josie, [...]

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Dogs and cats heading to their new homes in France and Spain

Remember Kenny, one of the many Setters on our trip last month? He was rescued by Martin and Tracey in Greece and, following a short stay in the UK, is now travelling with Animalcouriers to join them at their new home in Spain. Also setting off with us from the UK are the Three Musketeers — Labradors Maggie, Josie and O'Reilly. They've been waiting in kennels on beautiful Anglesey, off the north-west coast of Wales, for their passports to be ready, so that they can rejoin their family in the Lot et Garonne region of France. Kenny playing in [...]

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Ten cats settle in to their home on Mull

Francesca's 10 cats are settling in to their new home on the Isle of Mull. Francesca tells us: "We all want to say a huge THANK YOU to all the wonderful people at Animalcouriers. Special hugs from all of us to courier S and courier M. Thank you so much for the lovely trip. You and all the background organisers have been fantastic. Kitties all took to their new home — no stress — no worries." They travelled with Animalcouriers from a beautiful mountain home above Lake Geneva in Switzerland to this equally beautiful island off the west coast of [...]

Prince has a lovely new life in Suffolk

Handsome white cat Prince was rescued and fostered in Greece, and now has a wonderful forever home in Suffolk. Twelve hours after starting his journey Animalcouriers delivered him to his new family where he was warmly greeted. He's joining two other rescue cats who both came to see the new arrival. For a little while, however, Prince will have his own room, giving him plenty of time and space to settle in to his new family. Sleepy Prince after his long journey

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