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Meet Maow, Moonbeam and Harlequin from Italy

Animalcouriers collected beautiful grey Maow high in the hills above Ancona. A party of well-wishers was there to wave her off on her journey to rejoin her owner Ben in Sussex. We also met up with gorgeous, wide-eyed tabby cats Harlequin and Moonbeam in Brindisi. Rescued by Ruth while she was on holiday in Sicily, they've been staying with Sabrina who owns a small kennels in the Brindisi area, and are now off to start a new life with Ruth in Inverness, Scotland. Gary, a new best friend for courier S Maow Maow's passport photo [...]

Echo swaps life on the streets of Athens for a new home in Scotland

Little Echo, formerly known as Michelle, was rescued on a very rainy day in Athens. She was sitting, soaking wet, in the middle of a wide, busy avenue, perhaps waiting to cross — a very dangerous undertaking. Cordelia from Nine Lives Greece takes up Echo's story: "Echo was picked up and taken to the vet; she purred all the way in the car and behaved perfectly at the clinic. She was friendly and sweet, a little over three months old, and in good health. Since then, she's had her shots, and blood tests to verify her good condition. Now she's decided [...]

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Sunny joins us near Rome

Animalcouriers collected seven-month-old cross-breed Sunny just outside Rome, where the weather has turned damp and chilly. Sunny, a very calm dog, was adopted by Camilla who has now returned to London. Her parents have been looking after him, getting his pet passport ready and preparing him for his journey. Now at last he's on his way to rejoin a very excited Camilla. Sunny Kenny Flossie Bubble — not too keen on the rain but loves playing with leaves Eleni — has been showing us her fun-loving side and seems very intrigued [...]

Meeting up in Brindisi, and Wendy is now on board

Courier M crossed from Greece to Italy. On arriving at the port of Brindisi he met up with courier S and all the dogs had a good leg stretch. An Animalcouriers convoy is now travelling north through Italy and on towards the UK. Joining the trip today was Wendy, a last-minute addition to our passenger list. She's been in the loving care of her owner's parents near Mount Vesuvius and is now off to rejoin her family in the UK. A tearful goodbye for Wendy from her owner's parents Kenny loves a tummy rub… …and [...]

The story of Sasha

Sasha is one of the young cats who joined our trip in Athens, Greece. She had the good luck to be rescued and fostered in Greece, and now adopted by Sian and her family in Scotland. Cordelia from Nine Lives Greece tells us Sasha's story: "One day, the people who live in the apartment above Nine Lives foster mum and volunteer Sydney were with their son at a kids' football game when they saw a group of children doing something just off the field. They could see right away they were up to no good. So they went over, and [...]

Collecting Kenny, Flossie, Minnie, Lucien, number 5, no-name kitty, Willow, Jack and Tiger

At Patras Port, Animalcouriers' list of passengers from Greece was swelled with the arrival of two dogs, Kenny and Flossie, and seven cats, Minnie, Lucien, number 5, no-name kitty, and Willow with her kittens Jack and Tiger. Kenny the English Setter was clever enough to find Martin and Tracey. It was love at first sight, and he's now on his way to rejoin them in the UK. Anastasia and Christos, shown here with Kenny, have been taking wonderful care of him while his travel from Greece was organised. In fact, such a strong bond was formed that Martin and [...]

Bubble, Agapi, Eleni, Bolo and Sienna from Filozoikos join our UK-bound trip

We were pleased to visit our good friends at the Filozoikos shelter in Athens, where we collected four dogs and a cat who are off to start new lives in the UK. Bubble gets a fond farewell from Tina. Bubble, who will be renamed Dorothea, was brought in as a beautiful puppy. Just a few days later she was lucky enough to be spotted on the Filozoikos Facebook page by a family in Scotland. They had just lost their dog, who looked a lot like her. One of the shelter volunteers, Poppy, offered to foster Bubble to get her [...]

Animalcouriers collects cats in Greece, the first stop on our Greek and Italian odyssey

Animalcouriers is at the start of a trip to bring around two dozen pets to the UK from Greece and Italy, many of whom are rescues. Already on board with courier M are six cats from Greece: Margarita, Foteini, Philo and Giorgios, four blind and partially sighted cats who are all going to live with the amazing Ann and Trevor in Ireland Echo, formerly known as Michelle, who is on her way to a new home with Suzanne and Jim in Scotland Sasha, who's been adopted by Sian in Scotland We'll tell you more about some of these cats and the [...]

Dougie and Hamish benefit from new rules for travel to Australia

Dougie and Hamish will be rejoining their owner in Sydney. While they wait for everything to be organised for their big move, they're being cared for by their owner's parents. These two lovable hounds will be among the first pets to benefit from Australia's new import rules for dogs and cats, being introduced in February 2014. The biggest change in the rules is a reduction in the quarantine period on arrival in Australia — from 30 days to just 10. DAFF, Australia's Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, has retained a comprehensive schedule for preparing dogs and cats for entry into that [...]

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Cleo makes new friends on her journey from the UK to Germany

Animalcouriers transported gentle, pretty cat Cleo from the UK to Germany. Her new home is in Erfurt, just outside Frankfurt.Cleo seemed to enjoy the trip, keen to see what was going on beyond the van door and, of course, popping up for lots of strokes.Last night on the Eurotunnel she was treated to a coachload of fascinated schoolchildren lining up quietly to wish her goodnight and 'bonne chance' for her new life in Germany. Cleo looking very alert Beautiful autumnal colours in the German hills A bit of a surprise for Cleo on arrival, finding her [...]

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