Daily Archives: November 28, 2013

Making the most of our time on the Isle of Mull

Animalcouriers left on the ferry with Francesca's 10 cats, who were safely delivered to their new home on the Isle of Mull, where they immediately set about exploring their new surroundings. We were rather jealous of their new scenic view! Our ferry approaches Oban Aicha (R) has come out to play with her travel companion Makia (L) On arrival at their new home, Clooney gets busy exploring… …as does Makia Modzon wonders if it's time for tea yet Patsy bags a window seat The cats' new view [...]

Ten cats are getting closer to the Isle of Mull

Animalcouriers reached Dumbarton in Scotland yesterday evening, in time to enjoy a traditional supper of mince and tatties. This fabulous feline gang are taking the journey from Switzerland in their stride. This morning at 10.00am it's the final leg, the ferry crossing from Oban to Mull. No pic of Aicha this morning as she's hiding behind her carry box! Clooney Pashmina Modzon Makia Opaline Tiny (L) and Kashmir (R) Choupeta Senior member Patsy, who spent the night with her owner Francesca A quick [...]