Ayyah to South Korea, Muffin to South Africa, and useful geese

Towards the end of the summer Ayyah's owners relocated to Ulsan in South Korea for work. Young Border Collie Ayyah has now flown out to join them, travelling with Lufthansa from London to Seoul via Frankfurt. Animalcouriers worked with Gina of First Class Pet in Seoul to arrange Ayyah's travel. As always, Gina was very helpful and knowledgeable about the paperwork Ayyah needed, and did everything she could to ensure Ayyah had a good trip. Ayyah had an overnight stay on arrival in Seoul, then flew on to Ulsan in the south of the country for a reunion with her owners. Animalcouriers [...]

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Rex and Flor are swapping Portugal for Cyprus

Pointer Rex and his companion Flor, a Boerboel, are off to join their owner Isabel in Cyprus. Because she cares so much about these two, Isabel wanted their journey to be as stress-free as possible. But they're both big dogs, and there were no easy routes for them to take from Portugal. Fortunately, her very kind trainer Claudio was able to drive them from Lisbon to Calais, in northern France, which is where Animalcouriers met them yesterday to bring the dogs to the UK. Courier J2 spent some time walking them and getting to know them, ably assisted by a handful [...]

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Making the most of our time on the Isle of Mull

Animalcouriers left on the ferry with Francesca's 10 cats, who were safely delivered to their new home on the Isle of Mull, where they immediately set about exploring their new surroundings. We were rather jealous of their new scenic view! Our ferry approaches Oban Aicha (R) has come out to play with her travel companion Makia (L) On arrival at their new home, Clooney gets busy exploring… …as does Makia Modzon wonders if it's time for tea yet Patsy bags a window seat The cats' new view [...]

Ten cats are getting closer to the Isle of Mull

Animalcouriers reached Dumbarton in Scotland yesterday evening, in time to enjoy a traditional supper of mince and tatties. This fabulous feline gang are taking the journey from Switzerland in their stride. This morning at 10.00am it's the final leg, the ferry crossing from Oban to Mull. No pic of Aicha this morning as she's hiding behind her carry box! Clooney Pashmina Modzon Makia Opaline Tiny (L) and Kashmir (R) Choupeta Senior member Patsy, who spent the night with her owner Francesca A quick [...]

Ten beloved cats are moving from Lake Geneva to the Isle of Mull

Ten fabulous cats and their owner are making an epic journey to a new life on the Isle of Mull on the west coast of Scotland. Yesterday morning Animalcouriers collected them in the mountains above Lake Geneva, drove them across France, then crossed to England. Today they're heading to Scotland and the Isle of Mull crossing. Every one of these 10 cats found or chose their human. All were strays who decided that the food and board at the Swiss mountain house was too good to resist, and have stayed ever since. The oldest cat is Patsy, 19 and a [...]

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Safe arrival in Switzerland for Patrick and Amelia; and Maow is back with her family

Patrick and Amelia reached Zurich yesterday afternoon with Animalcouriers , where their new mum was delighted to meet this gorgeous pair. It was hugs and purrs all round! Meanwhile, back in the UK, beautiful Maow was reunited with her owner, artist Ben Craven, who came with his son to collect her. "How has she been?" asked Ben, with some trepidation, as she apparently has a reputation for being quite fussy about who she'll talk to outside her immediate family. But discretion being the better part of valour, our lips remained sealed! Having left Italy, Ben is now off to open [...]

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Amelia and Patrick are swapping Stockport for Zurich

These two British Shorthair cats are travelling with Animalcouriers from the UK to Switzerland. We spent last night in Metz in north-eastern France, and will reach Zurich this afternoon. Amelia and Patrick are absolutely gorgeous — all fluffy and purry. It's hard to resist cuddling and stroking them at every opportunity! Black tortoiseshell Amelia Cream-and-white Patrick The rather wonderful image on the cover of their vaccination records! Last night's dinner — Toulouse sausage with a side of cheesy mash — dedicated to all of courier S's canine friends who love sausages as much [...]

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Safe arrival in Dover, and the first happy reunions

Animalcouriers crossed from Calais to Dover last night and the first reunions took place today: Eleni, Wendy and Eugenio. Eleni from the Filozoikos shelter in Athens meets her new family — Chris, Jodie and Ruby Wendy from Italy gives her mum a very enthusiastic greeting Eugenio from Italian Setter Rescue meets his new family. He was found wandering the streets back in 2009 and has been looking for a new home ever since. He is a friendly and well behaved dog — for which a lot of credit must go to Flavia and her colleagues [...]

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Philo is off to a special home in Ireland

Philo is another Greek rescue kitty on our trip. He is nearly blind, but has the good fortune to be joining Ann and Trevor's special home for blind and disabled cats in Ireland. Just last month Hector and Kalista moved in; and Giorgios, Margartia and Foteini on this trip are heading there too. Cordelia from Nine Lives Greece explains how Philo (who will be renamed Bogart — Baby Bo for short) came to be rescued; and also how they've been able to help the rest of his colony: "This little ginger-white boy was spotted by a dedicated member of the Greek Cat Welfare [...]

Eugenio is now on board, and we spent last night near Chamonix

Animalcouriers collected Eugenio near Parma in Italy. This must be a record-breaking trip for Setters and Setter crosses! Cathy adopted Eugenio from a pound in Rome and he's been staying with Ilaria at her kennels while his passport and travel were organised. Ilaria says Eugenio was rather thin when he arrived but he's now looking much better. Eugenio is travelling all the way to join Cathy on the Isle of Wight. We spent last night near Chamonix in France, where the dogs enjoyed their first snowy walks and the cats stayed tucked up in the cosy van. (Sorry, it started [...]

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